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Cali weed and Canadian imports look tremendously similar at first glance. Yet there is a big difference in price between the two, even though it might even be the same strains. How is that even possible and why is Cali weed considered better? Insta-follower @Usplabs doesn’t know what’s-what anymore and passes th question on to Uncle Kush. In this Uncle’s Advice, the differences between Cali weed and Canadian cannabis:

Uncle about Cali weed

Via Instagram, Usplabs dropped Uncle Kush the question: ‘Hi, lately I have been seeing more and more people accusing each other of selling Canadian weed as Cali. I was wondering how Cali weed is considered “better” and Canadian is cheaper?‘ Which in itself is a good question. After all, at first glance there is little difference between weed from California and Canada. Both are often rock hard and have a distinct odor. Also, we see a lot of the signature Cali weed strains coming from Canada; such as the Gelato’s. Still, the connoisseur will notice the difference immediately, if only because of the nuance in taste.

Topshelf Cali weed

Uncle Kush therefore replies, “Yo man! Thanks for your question. Not necessarily all Cali is considered better. But in California and some other US states, there are a number of popular cannabis brands/influencers/breeders/strains. The hype around them causes scarcity & price increase of, say, ‘Cookies’ or‘Doja‘ or ‘TheTenCo‘ products.

cali weed
Handsome designer packaging makes the Cali weed extra desirable, but also easy to recreate

There really are some extremely good products among those Cali strains. For example, you now see the fairly small batches of“HeavyLoads” or“Tasty” on the European market. Of which we have already reviewed the Gusher Pie #4 from Greenhouse Secret Farmers. These are brands that are qualitatively far above average.

Of course, many crooks capitalize on this by also stuffing similar products into fake bags. And so – like the Cookies and Dojas – can charge a lot of money for their weed. For example, there are groups/people/organizations that create their own shiney brand and have bags printed in China or Germany. To then sell Spanish, Canadian or Dutch weed from Cali cannabis seeds in. After all, there is a market for that, and you often pay for the brand and packaging as well.

Canadian weed

Canadian weed, however, is actually almost never branded or marked. In addition, they are struggling with huge overproduction in Canada so entire containers arrive here and the price is very low. Previously, Canadian weed had kind of all the same flavor and you found little variation in terpenes. Especially compared to the flavor explosion in Cali weed varieties. Because the looks are often 10/10 and resemble Cali weed, this was often used to boost the price. That was not good for the reputation of Canadian cannabis.

Who needs expensive Cali with this kind of Canadian?

These days, much nicer stuff comes from Canada, some of which – even in taste – is barely distinguishable from Cali. Some industrialists even claim that half of what we now buy in Dutch shops comes from Canada. Including real topshelf for a relatively low amount. So it’s all not as black and white as you sometimes hear…. And you certainly don’t have to pass up beautiful weed because it might come from Canada!


To which Usplab seems quickly satisfied: “Makes sense when you explain it like that, top thanks! Uncle Kush responds: Anytime man! Glad you got some use out of it. Do you want me to tag you if I use this for Uncle’s Advice on the website? Pretty neat!

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  • Peter says:

    Very Funny. I’ve smoked a lot of Cali flower and BC flower. BC wins hands down. BC flower taste better, more flavour and scent and just a higher quality. But BC has been growing much longer than Cali. In BC we were producing hydro while Cali smoke Mexican Brick weed

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