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Gusher Pie #4 is one of the most complex cannabis strains we’ve ever reviewed. A layered aroma, special bud-structure and a rainbow of colors make it a delight to put these buds in the grinder. Curious about this champ from the US? Then check out The High Cloud Strain Review by Gusher Pie #4:

Gusher Pie #4

Gusher Pie #4 is a cross between Gushers and Rainbow Pie F2 from Tasty Selections . This batch was selected and grown by @Grower4Life_ and the strain is originally bred by @_greenfiregenetics . The #4 stands for phenotype 4, indicating that there are still ‘siblings’ of this strain with different discernible traits. For instance the smell and taste, but also physical characteristics and growth properties.

Thanks to the exotic genetics of her parents, this special cannabis strain is a true taste sensation. Thanks to notes of mint, pure gass, dough, blueberries and even some fresh rubber; it is a pleasant surprise for most cannabis users to be introduced to #3 of this strain!

So this is what you call a real, unadulterated cali-strain. Because besides the fact that the genetics come from the US, these buds are also grown there. At least, the buds appear to have been grown, harvested and cured in a legal setting. Just look at the quality of these huge, dark green and purple colored buds from Gusher Pie #4. Which, despite the fact that they look very solid, feel quite soft and fluffy to the touch.

gushers pie 4 tasty selections greenhouse secret farmers
This Gusher Pie #4 looks quite sturdy, but is still quite fluffy!

Taste and Effect Gusher Pie #4

As the smell of Gusher Pie #4 suggests, you also taste a clear aroma of blueberries, almost perfume-like gassyness, fresh rubber, dough and notes of mint when inhaled. A very complex and layered flavor profile that makes even experienced cannaseurs doubt. Because new flavors seem to be released after every hit.

The effect of Gusher Pie #4 is just as hard to pin down as its taste. Still, there is a clear body high that helps relax your limbs. While a head-high does set in, Gusher Pie keeps you quite sharp and focused. That makes it a wonderfully balanced hybrid cannabis strain for any time of the day. Although here at TheHighCloud we prefer it in the late afternoon or early evening.

Greenhouse Secret Farmers (The Hague)

Despite the fact that these buds were grown in the US, they were ‘simply’ purchased in the new weed capital of the Netherlands: The Hague. Because looking at the average quality of the – products at – coffeeshops there, many cannabis tourists would do well to visit this city instead of Amsterdam.

The High Cloud Podcast S01E02 was recorded at Greenhouse Secret Farmers in The Hague!

This strain was purchased at the shop that was so welcoming to let us record The High Cloud Podcast S01E02 there: Greenhouse Secret Farmers in The Hague. In addition to these and other exclusive cali strains, they also have beautiful Dutch-bred varieties on the menu. So broaden your horizons and travel to The Hague to discover the cannabis scene there. If you follow our tips, you will certainly not go home disappointed!

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