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Although the name suggests otherwise, Zucotti is a true Amsterdam cannabis strain. So if you come across this one on a coffee shop menu, you can assume it was born and raised on dutch soil. But is it as good as the topshelf import weed? We check it out for you in the THC Strain Review of Zucotti by De Kade coffee shop:


Zucotti sounds super-American at first, but surprisingly originated in Amsterdam. With this, the breeders managed to bring Dutch strains back into the spotlight on the international stage in 2019/’20. They advertise the strain with a THC percentage of 31.7%. But on the Purpl Pro, this batch from De Kade tests at no more than 25 percent. Which, by the way, is also on the higher side, compared to other topshelf buds on Dutch shelves.

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Okay, this unique cannabis strain does, of course, have roots in the US. Since she consists of a cross between Gelato #33 and another, still unknown, strain. And that Gelato heritage is unmistakable thanks to the doughy aroma Zucotti inherited from her mother.

From this Gelato #33 was born Zucotti

This Zucotti batch from De Kade consists of naturally shaped buds that feel quite firm and are well-trimmed. This makes it easy to see the layering of colors on the flower. With a dark overtone lined by lighter accents and almost an excess of dark orange flowering hairs.

All this covered by a shimmering layer of beautifully intact trichomes. Which again confirms that this Cali genetic really did not have to make the crossing after all; but probably came from Dutch breeding.

Smell and Taste ZUCOTTI

The first thing you notice about the Zucotti aroma is the doughy creaminess we know from Gelato #33. An unmistakable scent for connoisseurs, which we also taste when smoking this particular hybrid. It is somewhat reminiscent of fresh cookie dough, or Cookie Dough ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s. Supported by a slightly sour, sweet note of a ripe peach or Southern European orange. Indeed, those are just like weeds – not all the same, haha!

There is also a chemical, gassy, pungent undertone to the Zucotti smell and taste. Especially if you smoke it dry (i.e. inhale it without lighting your joint) you can taste this terpene that you find a lot in ‘Chemdawg’ like strains. As a result, this Gelato cross is less floral than the Gelato itself, but tends a bit more toward a chem/kush note.


The latter, by the way, is far from surprising, assuming that Zucotti itself is an indica-dominant hybrid. You notice this well by the mild sense of relaxation this Zucotti produces. It begins by dampening excessive stimuli in the brain after which you also feel a physical relaxation. Unlike heavier indicas, however, this flavorful hybrid allows you to stay awake during a boring movie.

Coffeeshop De Kade

The Zucotti in this review is from Coffeeshop De Kade in Amsterdam-Zuid. From them, we also analyzed Ice Cream Cake, Sunset Sherbert and MAC1. De Kade is a beautifully styled store at Stadionkade 107 in Amsterdam Zuid. There it has been serving tourists and local residents with topshelf cannabis as well as delicious coffee for over 30 years. In addition to a surprisingly current menu featuring a variety of local and imported products, De Kade also offers its guests a special visitor experience.

Thanks to the styling of the premises, there is a relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of a modern cigar lounge. Fortunately, it is completely tobacco-free here. So you can smoke up the beautiful smoking room with the wonderful scents of this Zucotti. So, fortunately, even the beautiful clothes from De Kade “boutique” stay free of unwanted odors!

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