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When you say gadgets, you say Martijn! In this episode of The High Cloud Podcast, Uncle Kush talks to ‘GlobalBudlr’ and ganja gadgets expert: Martijn vd Heijden at Coffeeshop Baba. They ceck out and get to test various cool gadgets related to cannabis. Between the craziest stories, they cover “high”-tech and low-tech. Ranging from from THC-testing devices to laser bongs, vaporizers and more. Find out more about this interesting episode:

Ganja Gadgets with Martijn v/d Heijden

Cannabis is more than just smoking a joint, and Martijn v/d Heijden knows that. After all, he is crazy about all cannabis-related, or, “ganja gadgets.” Therefore, he is the person of choice to show us the coolest innovations in the field of our beloved herb. Armed with a dufflebag of gadgets, he traveled from Zeeland to Coffeeshop Baba in Amsterdam; for a very special “Testing Tuesday.

Trying out all this technology (and analogy) happens between the craziest stories during this episode. For example, at Martijn’s once someone almost set his dog on fire. And Uncle Kush talks about how he almost died from a run-out filter – after hearing a similar story during another podcast. He also tells about a huge dab-fail, the men get way too high (as usual) ; AND there’s even some serious info here and there.

ganja gadgets laser bong laser bong the high cloud s02e02 uncle kush martin globalbudlr
The boys even smoked with LASERS!

Discounts at

Almost all of the ganja-related gadgets featured in this hilarious podcast are available on GlobalBudlr‘s website. There you will also get 10% DISCOUNT ON EVERYTHING with code ‘THC10’. This way Uncle Kush and Martijn make these cool innovations a little more attainable.

Responsible cannabis use

Many of the ganja gadgets from this episode help with responsible cannabis use. This is because The High Cloud believes it is important to share, in addition to entertainment, genuine information that can contribute to better and less unhealthy cannabis consumption patterns. This is why we strongly support the pure consumption of marijuana, without tobacco. Preferably with a carbon filter or better yet, with a vaporizer – or dabbing concentrates, for example. In doing so, you reduce your intake of the bad substances released when weed is burned; and improve the taste and overall experience.

Watch the episode here:

ℹ️Thiscontent is intended to be educational and is not intended to persuade people to start using cannabis.

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