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Tom ‘B’ de Vreugd is cultivation expert at cannabis expert center Plantarium; and the first guest of The High Cloud podcast season two. In this BONUS episode that belongs to S02E01, Uncle Kush asks him some questions from his listeners. Among other things, we talk about living soil, growing in a greenhouse and we ask this ex-policeman about police helicopters with infrared cameras. Is that a fable or a fact? Check out the BONUS episode of The High Cloud Podcast S02E01 below now:

Tom ‘B’ de Vreugd

Tom, better known as “B” from Plantarium, has been around the cannabis world for more than 10 years now. Although he is now an expert on growing cannabis and has been a lover of the plant for decades, his career surprisingly began in law enforcement. So in the legendary first episode of the second season of The High Cloud Podcast, we hear, among other things, how Tom closed down nurseries as a cannabis enthusiast – and why he didn’t mind in those cases. But also how he dealt with smoking youth.

In this short BONUS video to this episode, Tom answers some interesting growing-related questions. So we ask the cannabis growing expert about living soil, PGRs, fungi and organic plant nutrition, among other things. But the men also discuss the “bro-science” behind the so-called final flush and the best tips for novice growers. Resulting in an instructive video for both “rookies” and more experienced ganja farmers.

weed growing plantarium the high cloud podcast q&a tom the joy uncle kush
At Plantarium, they know just about everything there is to know about growing weed

Growing Weed with Plantarium

Much of Tom’s knowledge in cannabis growing was gained in his 10-15 years at Plantarium. The cannabis expert center in Nijmegen where you can get everything you need to safely grow your own weed at home. Everything from the grow tent/cabinet to the seeds and substrates; and the jars to store your harvest in.

The most important thing to get there, however, is information. The knowledge of Tom and his colleagues, constantly evolving thanks to their open attitude towards their customers. Because at Plantarium, they realize all too well that in this changing world, we can and should learn from each other. So they actively exchange information with customers about progress in their grow, in order to learn and better inform visitors.

Check out the BONUS Q&A below:

weed growing q&a plantarium tom the high cloud podcast uncle kush

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