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Grape Depression is a very rare cannabis strain from the United States. Grower “Lifeisnotgrape” – known for the previously reviewed (and immensely popular) BOLO Runtz – thus set the tone with his own brand after leaving Candy Paint. How does his first solo feat hold up in Grape Depression’s The High Cloud Strain Review? Check it out below:

Grape Depression

This Grape Depression is a cross between Pink Panties and UVPK. And how rare her parents are, so is Grape Depression itself. The relatively small batches in trendy packaging are like a needle in a haystack in the Netherlands; but are worth looking for. If only because you can join the conversation about it. Because honestly? After all, that’s what these unique strains are for. Fortunately, El Barto Farm set aside a pack for The High Cloud Strain Review.

grape depression lifeisnotgrape the high cloud strain review el barto
Grape Depression from Lifeisnotgrape via El Barto Farm

The buds of this batch are particularly colorful, serving you with hues from light green to darker; accented by bright purple tones. All this happens under a glow of snow-white trichomes, which incidentally almost completely hide the rest of the plant material. This makes these beautiful buds a true piece of art and a real pleasure to look at!

Any more trichomes and you won’t see a leaf!

Smell and taste

Upon first opening the seal bag, an EXTREMELY strong cassis scent comes at you. A creamy grape/berry aroma reminiscent of Campino candy. This unfortunately includes a lot of volatile terpenes. Because if you leave the bag a little longer, the explosiveness of the fragrance is soon gone. A soft, creamy cassis aroma remains.

When smoked, the flavor of this “grape” is very close to Purple Punch. A light acidity presages a sea of red and dark (forest) fruits. But unlike the aforementioned, Grape Depression has a creamy aftertaste. A rare terpene profile, in the world of Gelato’s and Z’s.

grape depression lifeisnotgrape the high cloud strain review el barto
This ‘grape’ is a welcome change between the ‘Gelato’s’ and ‘ZkittleZ’

Effect Grape Depression

Despite the terpiness of this strain and its relatively high THC%, Grape Depression is not immediately a cannabis strain that will make your eyes fall shut. This might have to do with the unique composition of cannabinoids and terpenes that make this strain perfect for daytime use. An upbeat feeling of relaxation, by the way, makes us think the name doesn’t quite fit this cheerful cultivar.

Have you tried it yet?

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