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Props to the H4shman for this 707 ChemDawg BHO Crumble. Who thus provides the first extract for The High Cloud Strain Reviews. An outdoor nugrun of pheno ‘707’, from the well-known weed strain ChemDawg. Which was carefully converted to a crumbly “Butane Hash Oil. How clean is it, how does it taste and how is the high? We find out in this strain review of 707 ChemDawg BHO Crumble:

707 ChemDawg

707 Chemdawg is a strain that underlies many other cannabis strains. A further developed pheno from the ChemDawg #4 line, if breeder ‘707 Seedbank’ is to be believed. Therefore, it is also predominantly “indica” in growing characteristics; a relatively short flowering period makes its flowers already ripe for harvest. Although, of course, we see little of these flowers. As in The High Cloud Strain Review of 707 ChemDawg, we don’t review flower, but a concentrate: BHO Crumble.

707 ChemDawg BHO outdoor nugrun crumble the high cloud strain review
707 ChemDawg BHO Crumble from an Outdoor Nugrun

BHO Crumble (outdoor nugrun)

BHO means Butane Hash Oil, and so is basically a cannabis extract made with butane gas. To do this, you put cannabis in a container into which butane gas runs in at one end; which runs out as a liquid at the other end. By then, however, the icy gas has taken all the good stuff from the plant material and isolated them as liquid. Which now has to be concentrated because you can’t dab butane! BHO can be made from your trim or “cutting waste”. But in this case it’s done with real buds from an outdoor grow. And with nugs you can expect the best results. Fire in = fire out!

This butane liquid is then dissolved in a vaccuum furnace. Under the right conditions, temperature and pressure, the gasses are “purged” from the mixture leaving only the cannabis extract behind. In this case, a beautiful pale yellow, almost cheesy substance as we see with the Dankoscope. Containing cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and all kinds of other useful and flavorful waxes and substances from the plant.

microscope dankoscope close up 707 ChemDawg BHO outdoor nugrun crumble the high cloud strain review
BHO up close looks like zooming in on a Parmesan cheese

Flavor and effect 707 ChemDawg BHO

707 ChemDawg BHO has a distinctive smell of citrus and pine with a chemical, gasoline-like undertone as you would expect from a “Dawg. So in terms of terpenes, there seem to be some “sativa” influences in the strain as well, looking at the citrus and pine element. Still, the effect really does tend more toward relaxation; and thus ‘indica’ than you would expect from the fresh acidity.

A hefty dab of this BHO leaves almost to no residue on the glass. Which shows that it is a fairly pure extract. Although the color and soft, flavorful inhale betray that too. In this, you immediately taste a strengthening of the pine element and the gassy undertone. Those terpenes therefore offer a fine relaxation in the body. After the intense, explosive headhigh from the combination of the pine and citrus terps.

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