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In this podcast Uncle Kush is guest of Yari, in coffeeshop Espresso in Mijdrecht. One of the five belonging to chain For thirteen years, this store sat in a “temporary” location made of shipping containers. But recently they built the most sustainable and “greenest” coffee shop in the Netherlands! We hear from Yari how they managed that, but also what their views are on Dutch cannabis policy. And get a master class in ‘running a beautiful coffee shop’ from these forerunners in the market in S02E05 of The High Cloud Podcast:

Yari of

Yari’s father started his first coffee shop in Amsterdam in 1984: Siberia. Over the years, several were added, to a total of five under the collective name“ Of which four in Amsterdam (Russia, Siberia, Loft and De Supermarkt) and one in Mijdrecht: Espresso.

From the age of 18, Yari began his career sweeping behind the bar. So he tells Uncle Kush in this episode of the THC Podcast. He thus held every position in the shop for at least six months. And got a good view of the floor and experience in daily operations. He also did higher hotel school, and true host Yari now likes to put that experience and lessons into their coffee shops. Noticeable to both customers and staff, where there is an almost unparalleled working atmosphere.

coffee shop espresso mijdrecht the high cloud podcast
The ‘greenest coffee shop in the Netherlands’: Espresso in Mijdrecht

Coffee shop Espresso

For years, coffee shop Espresso in Mijdrecht unintentionally sat in a temporary building made of shipping containers. Especially since all the alternatives offered were not suitable. Finally, together with the municipality, they decided to build something themselves, rather than settle for less. From this flowed the most sustainable coffee shop in the Netherlands.

In fact, the property is fully relocatable, is full of solar panels (which even power surrounding buildings) and has numerous other modern gadgets. Now the shop is even planning a butterfly garden on a vacant lot next door. Thus, at TheCoffeeshops, they always try to see where they can contribute something to society.

Want to know more about this awesome coffee shop with an impressive menu? Watch GREENESTSHOP OF NL: Yari from Espresso ( – The High Cloud Podcast S02E05‘ below:

the high cloud podcast s02e05 yari coffee shop espresso mijdrecht greenest shop

This podcast was created with support from Zalig.Co, Mascotte Active Filters and Super Sativa Seed Club.

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