Skip to main content is the headshop in Ghent, Belgium. The Flemings behind this quality store understand cannabis, and especially the evolution of the culture. That’s why they didn’t hesitate for a second to be part of The High Cloud; and sponsor the podcast so we can make even doper content for you. Meet our Flemish friends from ZALIG:


Hey, that’s delightful (ZALIG = delightful in Belgium)! Finally a headshop that understands us. If we can even call it that. Because in their own words, ‘Zalig embodies a shop, information point and quality brand of CBD and lifestyle products.’ Meaning it does more than just sell rolling papers and grinders. In fact, they lend the modern cannabis consumer a helping hand by offering a selection of only the finest accessories. To take your experience with the plant to the highest level.

In addition to their own rolling papers and tips, lighters and merchandise; at you will find everything you need for the best experience with cannabis. From high-end bongs and vaporizers to lighters and stash items. And from CBD (oil, concentrates for dabbing and vaporizer liquids) to rolling trays, scales, dab tools and cool merchandise. Varying from cheaper entry-level models to the high-end brands from the US, for example.

Uncle’s Favorites at ZALIG

Some of Uncle Kush’s favorite smoking tools are also available at For example, you will find the handy RE:STASH jars that he describes in the Q&A episode of The High Cloud podcast . But you can also find the Keith Haring dabrig from episode two with Runa and Kees in the webshop. And besides the handy concentrate vapes he likes to use; you will also find Uncle’s new favorite rolling paper on the site: the Classic Red Rolls + Filters of the house brand.

‘THC10’ discount code

To make all these items even more accessible for the (novice) smoker, we also arranged a nice discount code with The High Cloud. This way you can enjoy this high-end range without spending too much. Because if you now use discount code ‘THC10’, you will receive a 10% discount on your order through the ZALIG webshop!

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