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In the fifth episode of The High Cloud podcast, Uncle Kush receives Herbert M. Green. As an interpener, avid vaper and cannabis content creator, he knows a lot about our beloved plant. Therefore, the men in this episode ‘interpen’ two phenotypes from one strain. In other words, they get super high from two delicious variations on one delicious cannabis strain. Check out S01E05 with Herbert now and meet this interesting cannabis expert. Does he really know that much about weed?


In the fifth episode of The High Cloud Podcast , Uncle Kush receives Herbert M. Green . Herbert took a course at an American institute to learn how to interpret cannabis; and may therefore call himself an ‘interpener’. Based on a number of assessment points, Herbert can quickly assess the overall quality of a cannabis sample.

More importantly, this cannabis expert can explain in detail which terpenes can be found in a particular strain. So he knows how to estimate the effect he can expect from it. After all, terpenes are the aromatic substances in weed that determine the effect of cannabis variety. You can read all about it in this article from our friends at

As an interpener, Herbert Green likes to question the modern naming and categorization of cannabis strains. That is why we no longer talk about sativa and indica, but terms like ‘Broad Leaf Marijuana’ and ‘Narrow Leaf Marijuana’ in the episode. During this episode you will learn everything about ‘interpening’. Moreover, Herbert gives useful tips, teaching you to better differentiate various cannabis strains.

Interpener Herbert M. Green at the table with Uncle Kush in S01E05 of The High Cloud Podcast

Analyzing Phenotypes

Like always, there is some very special weed on the table during the podcast. Thanks to the guys at Afro Genetics , there are two different phenotypes of one cannabis strain on the table. Phenotypes are the result of a cross between two cultivars, resulting in ‘children’ with different characteristics. Think of a different scent, shape or color.

In this case it is the F2 and F3 of Curaçao OG, an original strain of the breeder collective. The question is whether Herbert M. Green can analyze these two phenos during the recordings; and can explain how he does it. Does he really know that much about weed? Check out the podcast to see if he can tell the F2 and F3 apart after Herbert even scrambled the samples.

The High Cloud Podcast

As you may already know from watching the other episodes in Season 1 of The High Cloud Podcast. In this podcast series, Uncle Kush takes you behind the scenes of the Dutch cannabis industry; together with entrepreneurs and friends from the industry. They smoke the most exotic strains and extracts of the moment, talk about all things cannabis & hear the stories of newcomers and veterans in the world of weed.

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