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Ice Cream Cake (ICC) is one of those strains that will appeal to almost every smoker. Not only because of the wonderful aroma of this special cannabis strain. But also certainly because of the nice effect that most users say they experience from this flower. The High Cloud checks especially for you whether this strain is really worth it. This is the THC strain review of Ice Cream Cake from Coffeeshop De Kade:

Ice Cream Cake

ICC is a cross between the well-known Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake from Seed Junky Genetics. This breeder created a fantastic cannabis strain that lives up to the legacy of its parents. One that is almost as hyped as Gelato #33 in the early days. And rightly so, looking at the properties of this flower.

The buds that we assess come from Coffeeshop De Kade in Amsterdam. They have a beautiful, colorful batch of Ice Cream Cake at the moment. Firm buds, visibly and to the touch, with a healthy structure. From this you can deduce that probably no heavy PGRs were used; and the flower appears to have been cultivated on Dutch soil.

Fresh green tones alternate with dark purple hues and leather brown hairs in the buds. This beauty is – strangely ‘unfortunately’ – difficult to see due to the extremely dense layer of glittering trichomes on the buds. So it helps to crack open a bud and see ‘the truth’ on the inside; as my friend Captain Hooter likes to say.

Ice Cream Cake cannabis buds from Coffeeshop De Kade

Taste ICC

Fortunately, what is not hidden is the delicious sweet, gassy and creamy aroma of this topshelf strain. The scent of vanilla, with a fruity undertone – carried by a creamy gassyness that is almost reminiscent of latex gloves – flies around your ears when you open the bag of De Kade. Because of course this shop can’t stay behind with the packaging hype, so they now also hoist their best weed in cleverly designed mylar bags.

After a terpy inhale, you will notice that the taste of Ice Cream Cake is very close to the smell of this strain. That’s also nice sometimes, since there are plenty of strains that smell strongly and turn out to have little taste. That is why this cannabis strain has become so wildly popular.

Ice Cream Cake Effect

Although that also has to do with the effect of ICC. Because as is the case with many hybrids in which you find (light) concentrations of the terpene limonene, the effect of Ice Cream Cake rises to your head quite quickly. This gives you a euphoric and uplifting feeling that in many cases quickly dispels negative thoughts; and makes room for positive vibes.

After a while – or a higher dose – this feeling spreads further to the body. Consumers often experience a strong muscle-relaxing and analgesic effect with a couch-lock effect. This may well be due to the most dominant terpenes in this strain: the sedative caryophyllene and linalool. In general, Ice Cream Cake is considered a strain that is best used in the evening.

The stylish interior is reminiscent of a modern cigar lounge [Photo:]

Coffeeshop De Kade

The buds from this review come from Coffeeshop De Kade in Amsterdam South. This shop has been around for over 30 years and serves locals and tourists looking for the best cannabis in Amsterdam from the Stadionkade 107. In addition to a surprising and up-to-date menu, De Kade also offers its guests a special experience when they visit.

The shop’s unique styling gives it a relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of a modern cigar lounge. Luckily though, it is tobacco-free here, so you can fill up the beautiful smoking area with the delicious scents of the Ice Cream Cake. In addition, the beautiful clothing from De Kade ’boutique’ remains free of unwanted odors.

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