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Uncle Kush gives advice on all things cannabis in ‘Uncle’s Advice’. Whether you are a beginner and have a question that he knows off the top of his head; or have a more complicated question that needs some figuring out. One thing is for sure, we all learn from it in the end. For example, Jurre wanted to know about the association of white ash with clean weed. Is that how it works, or is it not?

White ash

On insta, @therealunclekush received a nice question from Jurre. He says, “Yooooo! I watched your podcast and have since gotten more into weed, but have been sitting with a question’ for quite some time. After which he continues: ‘All my buddies say it’s nonsense, that if your ash is white, your weed is good. Yet I read this everywhere and it actually seems to make sense to me. But I can’t find anywhere how it can be that one weed’s ash is whiter than another.’

And that is a very valid question to which there is no simple answer. After all, even among the hard core of cannabis experts, there is still some doubt about this phenomenon and how exactly it occurs.

Clean weed or not?

“Hey Jurre!” says Uncle Kush, who sees that Jurre has 412 followers at that moment. ‘You’re just 8 followers short of a nice round number I see 😂…. Thanks for watching the podcast! White (or light, fluffy) ash is generally considered a possible indicator of how clean the weed is and how smooth it smokes.’

white ash
The whiter the ash, the cleaner the weed, is the theory…

Uncle Kush further explains: ‘In fact, you get beautiful white ash after a complete burn. So darker ash could mean that there are still unwanted substances in the plant material that prevent combustion. Consider things like nutrients, pesticides or metals from the soil. But in most cases, it’s a matter of too high a moisture content, which means the weed doesn’t burn nicely and leaves black ash behind.

In addition, it’s also possible to use substantial mineral nutrition – calcium and magnesium, for example – – to get more white ash. Without it being pleasantl to smoke or clean, in that case. After all, minerals are all that’s left after the carbon burns away completely, I once read at So white ash doesn’t always mean your weed is super good or clean.

Black ash = wrong!

Heavy, dark or black ash is almost always wrong though. So you’re best off with light gray to white ash; combined with a good – airy – structure’ concludes Uncle Kush. ‘Does that answer your question?’ To which Jurre replies, “Thanks again for this info, I think it’s clever that you know how to explain it all like this👌🏼💪🏼 ‘

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