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Mascotte Active Filters are – or will be – indispensable in your rolling bag, according to Uncle Kush. The professional smoker – and host of The High Cloud podcast – has been using them himself for years. That’s why it’s extra dope to welcome Mascotte as a sponsor of season 1 of the Dutch-cannabis podcast. But what are these filters, what exactly do they filter and, more importantly, where can you get them?

Mascotte Active Filters

Uncle Kush himself has been using Mascotte Active Filters in his joints for years. The convenient and above all useful filters with coconut carbon particles to filter the unwanted substances from your smoke. And while some hardcore smokers may think that these filters also reduce flavor, the opposite is true. Because by removing soot particles and other unwanted combustion substances from the smoke; it actually becomes fresher. This also makes it easier to recognize and distinguish the flavors in your joint.

The filters feature a ceramic cap for optimal airflow and have a diamter of 6mm. So they have the perfect size for the average doobie. But with some practice, you can even roll seriously fat bats with ’em! Thanks to the filter, the spliff also stays tasty until the last puff. If you have good herb of course. Do you have any doubts about that? Then be sure to check out the THC Strain Reviews. Or check out the fifth episode of the THC podcast, in which a real interpener explains how to properly judge weed.

Uncle Kush has been rolling fat doobs with Mascotte Active Filters for years.

Of course, Mascotte’s Active Filters are also very good to use with hash. Actually, please use them when you smoke solid. They are recommended anyway, but even more so if you smoke weed or hash with tobacco. The more there is to filter, the more it is needed to use them. Fortunately, there are no less than 34 filters in a user-friendly box, so you can get through quite a few seshes with one.

King Size Kings

Mascotte was once known as a tobacco brand, but has recently been pushing hard to become a powerhouse in cannabis land. Collaborting with Dutch rappers in the ‘Mascotte Masters’ selection, for example. Focused on developing the best products, for people who create their own enjoyment. Therefore, not only the filters, but the packaging is also well thought out and super user-friendly. And, last but not least, they’ve recently created a new version made of HEMP. Nice and environmentally friendly…

Want to try them yourself? See Mascotte Active Filters!

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