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Nowadays, there are new cannabis varieties coming to the market every day. That can be pretty overwhelming. Especially if you come from a time when there were only a handful of options. So what weed is best to buy for the right vibe, when you’re just craving a joint again? In this ‘Uncle’s Advice,’ Uncle Kush addresses the question of an ex-smoker who wants to climb back into the saddle:

Which weed strain?

Uncle Kush regularly receives questions from smokers looking for advice. Like this one from Marc, received in the Instagram DM of ‘Hey dude! Sorry to bother you, but I found your post about mixing strains for the right vibe very interesting. I used to smoke a lot, I’m 43 now and the heavier skunks make me go way too hard. Do you know a shop or something where I can get some advice from you? Greetings!’

The post Marc is referring to is a short clip from The High Cloud Podcast S01E05. In it, Uncle Kush indicates he can mix strains to get a specific effect. Watch the clip on our Instagram or check out the entire episode below:

Tastes differ

As usual, Uncle Kush is happy to help and says, “Hey Marc! Anytime man, I always say that my DMs are always open for advice and questions. What did you like to smoke before and what’s the effect you’d like to experience? And where are you from roughly?’ Tastes differ enormously and so do the effects of marijuana strains. So it’s important to know what someone likes and what effect they are looking for; before recommending specific cannabis strains.

Marc responds to this a little later with: ‘Sorry for the late response. I used to smoke the heavy stuff. Strains like White Widow, Jack Herrer and the like I smoked for at least 10 years; but I really don’t go well on that anymore. I don’t like Haze. I would like to smoke weed again, but not lie on the couch all paralyzed and apathetic. I would like to keep some energy in it. I used to be a weed fan, so hash has never been my taste. And definitely don’t want to smoke tobacco anymore either! I live in ‘…..’. Thanks in advance. And happy weekend!!!’

Hybrid weed varieties

‘Hey, no worries man!’ says Uncle Kush. ‘If you want to smoke a nice weed again without going all out, look for a nice hybrid. Maybe a Sativa-leaning one – if we can still call it that – since it may still give some energy. Personally, I often notice that something with Tangie or Cookie-like terpenes delivers that feeling. But above all, follow your nose!

So many people, so many wishes when it comes to cannabis!

For the best choice and experience I would say check out our Strain Reviews. There we test certain species, so you don’t have to. Or visit one of the better shops in Amsterdam and ask for advice. Consume what you buy pure, build up the dosage slowly (1-2 puffs and then wait 15/20min.) and in your own environment to avoid unwanted pressure’. This way you can shape the moment yourself and avoid unwanted situations in a public place or coffeeshop.

CBD reduces high of THC

Also, make sure you have some CBD around to counteract any overly intense high. In fact, Cannabidiol (CBD) mitigates the psychoactive effect of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). You can read more about that in this article from our friends at You can also look for some nice CBD weed to try. Both on its own, to have the taste and experience of smoking weed, without getting too high. As well as a tobacco substitute in pure joints; so you can smoke a little more without immediately burning away a gram of weed and melting away in the couch. Does that help in any way?

‘Thanks, I can definitely do something with that,’ says Marc. ‘I’m going to look for something nice and CBD oil I have at home. By the way, I didn’t know that CBD can counteract an overly intense high. Thanks for the information and have a nice day!’

Do you have a question of your own for Uncle Kush or want to add anything to the information above? Email or contact us at Instagram.

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