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In the sixth episode of The High Cloud podcast, Uncle Kush meets Joop Mestrom and Sanne van Schie. They are the founding fathers of, the website that’s ‘all about weed’ formerly known as The old friends talk about things such as the development the men went through in their careers, the time with Uncle Kush in the office, the name change under pressure from the Rolling Stones and, of course, talk ‘all about weed.’ All this while enjoying, among other things, the delicious sticky-homegrown from CNNBS house grower Doctor Groen!

‘All About Weed’

If you know The High Cloud, you know that we exist thanks to the help of our sponsors. One of these sponsors is, the website that’s “all about weed” by Joop Mestrom and Sanne van Schie. The gentlemen have been writing interesting, funny and informative pieces about weed daily since 2014. As we previously described in this article about the website:‘ knows ‘everything about weed’ and is first sponsor of The High Cloud podcast.’

They also played a major role in starting Uncle Kush’s career in the cannabis industry. Since he once started here as webmaster for – the medicinal sister site of So it’s extra special that the duo, in addition to being sponsors, are now guests on the THC podcast too.

Growing, trimming and writing content

This episode is rightfully a gathering of old friends. So it’s no surprise that the three men regularly talk about the past. For example, we discover how CNNBS came to be and learn more about the time when Uncle Kush got there. Accordingly we also hear anecdotes about trimming freshly harvested weed in the office and smoking fat doobies at work. But we also hear the story behind the name change from RollingStoned to CNNBS – under pressure from the rock band.

Uncle Kush (r) with Rick Simpson (l) in the Mediwietsite era (October 2017)

Of course, the topic ‘cultivation’ also comes up regularly. Since Sanne is responsible for the cultivation content on the website. CNNBS is also known as an advocate for small-scale home cultivation and does not hide this fact. Joop makes no secret of that either; and gleefully rants against the government in this podcast.

The High Cloud Podcast

In season one of The High Cloud Podcast, Uncle Kush takes you behind the scenes of the Dutch cannabis industry; along with entrepreneurs and friends in the industry. Together they smoke the most exotic strains and extracts of the moment, talk about all things cannabis; and hear the stories of newcomers and veterans to the world of weed.

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