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What do you get when you cross Gelato #33 with Wedding Cake? A super-cakey, trichome-loaded Cali-strain from the promised land. How does it taste, how does it smoke and what can you expect from the effect? This is The High Cloud Strain Review of Gelato Cake by MoneyTreeExotics:

Gelato Cake

Gelato Cake is a little concealing name for this wonderful cannabis strain. A cross between the well-known (and beloved) Gelato #33 with Wedding Cake. This particular batch is from MoneyTreeExotics, obtained through H4shman Amsterdam. Which means that this “Cookie” strain pretty much comes straight from the bakery, if you know what we mean.

Of course, you can already tell by the shiny pouch with the (again, little disguised) LA ✈️ AMS icon on it. But the magnificent buds also scream California. By the shape, colors, high trichome density; on top of the explosive aroma that meets you upon opening the mylar packaging. An aroma that becomes even more intense after you grind the solid buds with a THC Grinder made of biodegradable hemp(buy it here for only €6.95)

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This GelatoCake from MoneyTreeExotics is an unadulterated Cali-strain

Smell and Flavor Gelato Cake

GelatoCake is so cookie-like, if you put your ear close to one of those buds you can hear Berner rapping! In a manner of speaking that is… The slight fruitiness combined with a vanilla-rich creamy cake aroma is typical of the strains from this ‘family’. And where some may be completely fed up with it, due to the many bland Gelato copycats on the market. Surely this unique Wedding Cake cross is really worth dipping your hand into the cookie jar again.

GelatoCake effect

As you might expect due to the Wedding Cake influences, there is a more relaxing effect to this cross than Gelato alone. Which of itself has more of a hybrid character anyway if you look at its effect on body and mind.

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The combination of #33 with Wedding makes this beautiful cultivar a calming strain with a mentally and physically relaxing effect. With 24% THC in the buds we tested with our weed testing service; and a load of complex terpene combinations, this beautiful hybrid offers a heavier hit even for experienced smokers.

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