WEED TESTING – THC/CBD content indication with Purpl Pro + Microscopic photo


WEED TESTS for THC content, CBD content, moisture content and water activity. Receive an indicative test report showing THC/CBD%, microscopic analysis (including photos) and a brief conclusion of Uncle Kush! Now also for testing hash and extracts.

⚠️ NOTE: After ordering you will receive an email with instructions, be sure to leave a working email address!



Get your weed tested by The High Cloud with the Purpl Pro weed tester! With this THC test you get a sharp indication of the THC and CBD percentage and moisture content in your plant material, hash and extracts. The test is conducted discreetly and the test results are shared only with the client. This allows you to easily and affordably have the quality of your weed, hash and concentrates determined by a professional. After ordering you will receive an email with instructions, be sure to leave a working email address!


Because before samples are tested, they are also subjected to microscopic analysis. The Dankoscope cannabis microscope is used to look at the status of the trichomes (indicative of the correct harvest time) and any external contaminants; such as pests, hairs and fibers. Each indicative THC test report contains 1-2 razor-sharp microscopic photographs. Curious about the Purpl Pro and Dankoscope? See them in action here during“The High Cloud goes Harvest Festival.

Indicative THC test report

The indicative THC test report consists of a summary of the Purpl Pro, showing THC content, CBD content, moisture percentage and water activity in the sample. Supplemented by a microscopic photo and brief analysis of the one and only Uncle Kush. So you get a complete indication of quality from a professional, tested for visual characteristics and contents. Test your weed, hash and extracts from now on at TheHighCloud.eu!

indicative test report the high cloud thc percentage purpl pro weed testerHow does cannabis testing with the Purpl Pro work?

The Purpl Pro mobile cannabis tester uses near-infrared spectroscopy (IR) technology to gather various information from cannabis samples. The device shines this light through the sample where the cannabinoids reflect it. The THC tester then analyzes the reflection and compares it with information from various certified laboratories for a thorough test result. Therefore, with this mobile THC testing device, you get similar results to those of an HPLC laboratory test. Test your weed yourself with the Purpl Pro? Order it HERE

The THC indicator test is performed without solvents, so the samples do not have to be “illegally” processed as in HPLC testing. Indicative THC test reports are issued only to individuals and are not official documents.

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