Purpl Pro – Mobile Tester for Weed and Hashish


Turn your smartphone into a cannabis tester and easily analyze your weed and hash for moisture content, THC and CBD % with the Purpl Pro cannabis test.


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Purpl Pro – Mobile cannabis test

Easily test your cannabis and hash for moisture content, THC and CBD percentage with the Purpl Pro mobile cannabis test. Turn your smartphone into a state-of-the-art cannabis testing device with the handy app, connect the device via Bluetooth and test endless cannabis and hash samples. Thanks to the advanced technology you’ll have a good test result within seconds! The Purpl Pro comes in a convenient hard case (IP-67) and includes: specially designed SLX grinder with funnel function, USB-C cable for fast charging and calibration pad.

How does Purpl Pro work?

The Purpl Pro mobile cannabis tester uses near-infrared spectroscopy (IR) technology to gather various information from cannabis samples. The device shines this light through the sample where the cannabinoids reflect it. The THC tester then analyzes the reflection and compares it with information from various certified laboratories for a thorough test result. Therefore, with this mobile THC testing device, you get similar results to those of an HPLC laboratory test.

THC, CBD and Moisture

The app on your smartphone shows in the test result a percentage of delta9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). So you can immediately see whether it is THC or CBD cannabis. In addition, you can also see how much moisture is left in the plant material. This tells you how well the sample was dried and cured, which helps determine the quality (and value) of cannabis. With the latest update, you can also test hash samples above 30%!

Using Purpl Pro

  • Make sure the device is properly charged before use
  • Download the app for iOs or Android and read the INSTRUCTIONS
  • Turn the device on by pressing and holding the small button until the lights illuminate blue
  • Connect the device to your smartphone in the app
  • Remove the calibration cap from the pad in the case
  • Follow the instructions in the app and calibrate the device
  • Put the black top piece on the Purple device
  • Grind your weed and fill the hole (under the silicone cap) with your plant material
  • Close the hole and start the test via your smartphone

‘THC goes …’

The Purpl Pro is known from the “THC goes” video series on The High Cloud’s YouTube channel. In it, Uncle Kush goes out to test weed in different locations. Using the Dankoscope and Purpl Pro of course. Now rate your weed like a PRO yourself and ORDER it NOW in the THC Webshop.