THC Grinder Green – Bio-degradable + TheHighCloud Logo


The High Cloud Green Grinder made of biodegradable vegetal ‘plastic’. Subtly show your love for THC with this new grinder, featuring specially designed teeth for an even grind. With a unique white THC logo design on both sides, known from The High Cloud podcast.



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Green Grinder ‘The High Cloud’

Check out the new green grinder from The High Cloud! Made entirely from biodegradable vegetal fibres with a unique white THC logo design on both sides. Subtly show your love of THC with The High Cloud grinder or gift one to your favorite stoner.

THC Grinder Green

This green THC grinder from The High Cloud offers a perfect grind for every joint and vape. Made from biodegradable vegetal “plastic” and equipped with specially designed teeth for even and fine-burning results. An ideal grinder for everyday use thanks to its sturdy and robust material. In addition, it is easy to keep clean with a brush and can be wiped down with isopropanol.

The High Cloud Podcast

The THC logo is known from The High Cloud podcast. The number one podcast about the Dutch cannabis industry presented by Uncle Kush. Where other cannabis enthusiasts will understand the message behind the green cloud with “THC”; it is not an “in your face” cannabis design. So you won’t draw attention if you randomly take the grinder out of your bag somewhere or leave it lying around…. Handy!

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