THC Krush Kube 2.0 Grinder (55mm) – 2-piece with The High Cloud-logo


ORDER NOW the THC Krush Kube 2.0 Aluminum Grinder (55mm) with The High Cloud logo. Show your love for THC with this with unique square shaped grinder for enhanced grip, with specially designed teeth that deliver a coarse or finer grind depending on which side you turn it to. TIP: use the bottom part as a mixing bowl / loading tool.


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Krush Kube Grinder 2.0

The Kube 2.0 by Krush Grinders is an iconic, two-piece grinder made of anodized aluminum. Due to the unique square form of the grinder, it is easy to hold and offers lots of grip; even with tougher herbs to grind. This makes the THC Krush Kube 2.0 one of the most user-friendly and ergonomic grinders on the market. One that can supply to different grind-consistencies thanks to the unique teeth. Grind clockwise for a finer result, and counter-clockwise for a more coarse grind. Either way find yourself enjoying the comfort of the fine contours of the grinder; ease in use and the fluffy, perfectly shredded cannabis each time.

Besides, the THC Krush Kube 2.0 also carries a magnet to hold the two pieces of high quality aluminum together when you grind. This handy grinder also proves to be multifunctional, as the bottom can be used as a mixing bowl and loading tool.

Specifications Krush Kube 2.0 with THC logo

  • 2-pieced Krush Grinder (55mmx35mm – 170 grams)
  • Made of grey anodized aluminum with THC-Cloud logo by
  • Magnetic lid for safety
  • Square shape for grip and easy to use
  • Unique teeth offer two consistencies (coarse and finer grind)
  • Mixing bowl / loading tool on the bottom
  • As seen on The High Cloud Podcast on YouTube

Aluminum Grinder Krush Kube

Besides the lightweight THC-grinder made of bio-degradable plastic, The High Cloud now also offers the Krush Kube 2.0 Aluminum grinder. A durable ‘heavyweight’ with 170grams, which is still fit for travel due to its size; but also fits perfectly on any coffee table. A unique machine thanks to the square shape and ease in use, besides the versatility of this little powerhouse. Because thanks to the patented teeth in this iconic ‘Krusher’, you’ll get a fine grind when turning it clockwise. But a more coarse grind when you turn the grinder counter-clockwise. This way everyone gets their perfect consistency each time with the THC Krush Kube 2.0 Grinder by The High Cloud. And thanks to its durable material, it’s easy to clean with a cotton-swab (or dunktank) with some ISO-alcohol.

The High Cloud Podcast

The ‘THC cloud’-logo is known from The High Cloud podcast. The number one podcast about the Dutch cannabis industry presented by Uncle Kush. Where other cannabis enthusiasts will understand the message behind the green cloud with “THC”; it is not an “in your face” cannabis design. So you won’t draw attention if you randomly take the grinder out of your bag somewhere or leave it lying around…. Handy!

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