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RS11 (actually Rainbow Sherbert #11) is a wildly popular cannabis strain from the United States. We previously reviewed an import batch from De Loods and one from a colorful bag from Malibu. But now we have the original in our hands, from its creator: Doja Pak. Is this the best RS11 ever, or is it being copied better than the original? Check out the Strain Review of Doja’s RS11, obtained via H4shman.Amsterdam:

RS11 by Doja Pak

RS11, RS-11, Rainbow Sherbert or Rainbow Sherbert #11 is currently one of the most popular strains from North America. But where we previously reviewed only copies of this strain – from Coffeeshop de Loods and a “pack” from Malibu via Gaiabudz, respectively – we now have the original in hand.

In fact, officially this strain is crossbred by Doja Pak. According to him, RS11 evolved from Pink Guava and OZK. Those two parents make this exotic creation particularly complex in taste and effect; but also beautiful to look at. There are several phenotypes of this species with different external characteristics. Most have a light green color with yellow tones; although some are darker green with some purple tones.

RS11 Doja Pak The High Cloud Strain Review
RS11 by Doja Pak

At first glance, this batch from Doja comes closest to the latter. But after grinding, little purple remains, revealing the pale green freshness of this Rainbow strain. The beautiful firm buds from Doja’s pack are also perfectly cured. You notice this immediately by the stickiness of the bud, combined with the fragility of the twig as well as the rich aroma that meets you when you open the bag.

Taste and smell RS11 Doja

This cannabis strain has – as we know from its copies – a distinctive fresh, layered sweet taste. Followed by an almost pungent spice on the tongue; adding to the complexity of the pallet. Which makes it difficult to properly interpret the aroma of this strain. Though you will find distinct notes of citrus, fresh fruit and a gassy aftertaste. What sets the original apart from its copies is its freshness. As far as we are concerned, Doja puts the ‘Rainbow’ back into Rainbow Sherbert #11!

RS11 Doja Pak the high cloud strain review

Rainbow Sherbert #11 effect

Doja’s RS11 which we obtained through has pretty high THC percentages by RS11 standards. With our indicative THC cannabis testing service, we tested this batch at 24%. While other batches came in just above 20%.

This combined with a particularly extensive terpene profile – with the relaxing Myrcene as the dominant terpene. Makes this flavorful strain very versatile. Because in lower doses you have an uplifting, happy and smiley effect. But the relaxation quickly takes over when you consume more of it. Overall, it is an analgesic, uplifting strain with a relaxing effect at higher doses.

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