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Glass tips for your joint are nothing new, of course. But the RIPTIP is perhaps the best glass tip ever made. For example, it comes in different sizes, in beautiful colors and of course offers a nicer smoking experience compared to normal tips. Find out why that is in The High Cloud Product Review from The RipTip of


Finally they are available in the Netherlands, the RipTips. These long-awaited tips made of high-quality borosilicate glass come (of course) from the United States, where they are fully integrated into the upper echelons of cannabis culture. And as a true connoisseur, cannabis enthusiast or lover, it is almost mandatory to have one in 2023! But why really?

Glass Tips for Joints

The RipTip, as mentioned earlier, is a glass tip for joint. And bong smokers and dabbers will know that glass does something to your smoking experience. This is because it cools the smoke more than a paper filter tip, so you inhale a more flavorful and lighter smoke. This, of course, does not make it healthy, but it does make it a lot more pleasant to smoke. But there are more advantages to such a glass tip from RipTip.

ript globalbudlr the high cloud
The ‘Calypso’ RipTip in a diameter of 11mm and 32mm length

Different from other glass tips for joints, The RipTip thanks its perfect airflow to the 9 air channels in the tips. This clever design allows for fantastic airflow without the holes being so large that bits of weed get through the tips. Nonetheless, (as with any joint) it is recommended that take a few “dry hits” before lighting it. In which you block your throat with your tongue; thus preventing any unwanted bits of plant material in the throat.

Tips of all shapes and sizes

Moreover, the makers of the RipTip have also cleverly turned it into a nice collector’s item. By not only by providing the tips in various convenient sizes. Both in a short version of 25mm or an extra long one of 32mm, like the one in our pictures. But also in some refreshing colors. So you find them “clear,” as well as “mystique” and “citrus. In addition to the color combinations “celestine,” “calypso,” or “rasta waves.”

Because not everyone rolls ridiculous donuts and joints with 11mm tips like our Uncle Kush; the RipTip also exists in different diameters. So you can decide how thick you rip ’em, ranging from 7mm to 13mm.

riptip joint 11mm uncle kush the high cloud globalbudlr
Not everyone rolls them this thick, but fortunately they don’t have to!

Discount Code RipTip

You would almost say, “collect them all”…. Fortunately, we’re making that a little bit more accessible. Because with discount code‘THC10‘ you get 10% off your RipTip and all other items at!

How to use the RipTip?

Although out of some sort of instinctive primal feeling, most know immediately what to do with this thing. For the rest, we are happy to explain how best to use and clean’s RipTip. Because of course, for the best experience and long-lasting enjoyment, keep your beautiful glass tips spotless.

  1. Open the tube and take out the RipTip
  2. Prepare (above 10/11mm a king-size) rolling paper and place your RipTip at the desired end
  3. Grind your favorite strain (with the THC grinder) to a consistency you like
  4. Now distribute the weed evenly across the paper (i.e. not conical like a classic stick)
  5. Twist and lick the roll, light it and enjoy the tastiest and thickest hits.

Then, to keep your RipTip properly clean, you can pour a small amount of ISO alcohol into the storage tube. Seal the tube and shake it back and forth several times. If the scale is very stubborn you can repeat this process again with clean alcohol. Rinse this with hot water and then let the tube and RipTip dry for a while so no moisture gets into the storage tube. In fact, this can cause mold to develop, which is not good for your health. Also keep in mind that you should never soak the plastic storage tube in alcohol for more than 15 min.

globalbudlr podcast the high cloud discount code riptip
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