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In episode S02E06 of The High Cloud Podcast, Uncle Kush is in the middle of the Amsterdam canals with Jaïr Velleman. He has been in the cannabis industry for over 30 years and amassed multiple MILLIONS selling his grow lights company “Gavita”. How did he manage that? What do you do when you finally reach your goal; and what are the plans of this entrepreneur who’s developed into a philanthropist? Enjoy and learn from the insights as well as cowboy stories of this living legend:

Jaïr Velleman ‘King of Lighting’

Like all success stories, Jaïr’ s also begins with trial and error. A passion for growing cannabis brought him to Amsterdam’s coffee shops early on with his homegrown. That’s how he earned a little extra on the side for years. But only after a failed business in psychedelics, the hustler (then in debt restructuring) got into the legal cannabis industry.

He became a partner in a small grow shop in North Holland and soon began ex- and importing grow products to and from the United States. There was good business in that, and the entrepreneur started company after company, until one of them proved to stand out from the rest. This company was Gavita, a manufacturer of horticultural lighting. Or, Grow Lights.

The High Cloud Podcast S02E06 Jaïr Velleman Uncle Kush

Cannabis Multimillionaire

Jaïr had right the vision – and the perseverance – and dared to make risky choices. Which he talks about in detail in this interesting episode of the THC Podcast. These choices and Jaïr’s persistence led to Gavita eventually being sold for tens of millions. His goal had been achieved, he thought. But did all this money make the (at the time) ex-entrepreneur happy?

In this interesting episode of The High Cloud Podcast with Uncle Kush, we get to know more of the man behind entrepreneur Jaïr Velleman. We discover how he managed to make his companies(!) so successful, but also what happens when you’ve achieved that success.

In addition, this inspirational speaker talks about his philanthropic work, such as his support for Rinus of the Suver Nuver Foundation. But also about his newest company: Dutch Lighting Innovations(DLI). With which he (again) brings an unique product to the market: supplemental UV lamps. And Jaïr is back in the old rhythm he knows from the young Gavita years. How does he do that now that he’s almost 50, with young kids running around in Velleman House?

Of course, Uncle Kush also takes the opportunity to ask this multimillionaire for some business tips. Enjoy and learn from Jaïr Velleman, the ‘King of Lighting’ in S02E06 of The High Cloud Podcast:

The High Cloud Podcast S02E06 Jaïr Velleman Uncle Kush


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