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Mossy Giant is one of the most respected artists in the European canna industry. From his studio in IJmuiden, he tells Uncle Kush about his late discovery of cannabis after his foreign sports career. But also about his development in the art world and indomitable passion for the cannabis plant. We also talk about smoking CBD with the exhausted father, business meetings about Ayahuasca and planting seeds; literally and figuratively. Enjoy this GREAT artist and inspiration in this new episode of the THC Podcast:

Mossy Giant

Mossy Giant (Pieter van Tongeren) grew up as the son of an artist, but became a professional basketball player thanks in part to his height. This eventually brought him to the U.S., where he discovered that basketball was a sport for stoners. A teammate Mossy hung out with a lot increasingly piqued his interest in cannabis. And when his career ended, he didn’t have to think twice about trying a glass pipe of weed, American style.

Meanwhile, the big friendly giant studied graphic design in the US; and his interest quickly shifted from professional sports to this magical plant. So when he returned to Holland, he decided not to use his talent in the “immoral” world of advertising, like many of his colleagues. In contrast, “Mossy Giant” decided to use his talent for something he does believe in: the cannabis plant.

Some parts from Mossy Giant’s ‘The Motherplant’ – SEE NFT

Art and cannabis

Because art and cannabis go hand in hand, he says; proven by his now 10 years of experience in this industry. Mossy’s first assignment in this space, for Exotic Seeds, brought him a whole slew of wonderful adventures and clients from all over the world. And big names like Soma Seeds and The Great Gardener followed; for which this giant artist created one profound, layered work after another.

Some of his most recent and complex works, including “The Great Gardener,” “The Motherplant” (also available as an NFT) and “The Bear,” are discussed in detail in this hour-and-a-half-long dig into Pieter’s artist brain. With a recent highlight being “The Grand History of Cannabis,” created for CSC La Crème Gracia in Barcelona; and to be unveiled this year around Spannabis.

CBD for ‘sober smoking’ father

Whereas all the elements in Mossy’s life are generally “immersed” in cannabis, he himself is a little less so now. Because he has now become a father for the second time. Which means the rhythm of the “evening smoke” is now completely lost. To ensure that there is still a considerable amount of smoke during the episode, Uncle Kush has come up with something. Together with Kumo CBD he provided the giant with a good care pack of CBD Flower. So that means he can smoke, but without getting high.

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Incidentally, there have been other times in Mossy’s life when he has been consciously sober. For some of his most precise work, he does not smoke, for example. While in the sketching phase, the joint is indispensable. But even during periods of mental imbalance, Mossy likes to stay sober to confront his “demons” and feel emotions.

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