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Haze for Kush? Our Uncle Kush isn’t necessarily known for it. But an exception was made for this sweet variety. Because Coffeeshop Cremers in The Hague now has this nostalgic-tasting Delahaze on the menu. Can this remixed haze classic from his green years,” convince our Uncle Kush? This is The High Cloud Strain Review of Delahaze:


Haze weed is not all the same. Although the uniformity you find many coffee shops may make you think otherwise… But in the old days, very old days, there were still tasty haze varieties. Cultivars that not only made you all fvcked up; but actually tasted good. One of them, a longtime favorite of Uncle Kush, is Mango Haze. And coincidence has it that this one – along with Lemon Skunk – is of the parents of this review strain: Delahaze (Paradise Seeds).

delahaze strain review the high cloud coffeeshop cremers
Delahaze from Coffeeshop Cremers

Although the classic Haze influences are abundantly present in this strain. The Lemon Skunk heritage provides a slightly shorter flowering time and bud structure. As a result, you get beautifully compact flowers with intoxicating shades of green interspersed with bright orange flowering hairs. Covered with a dense, shimmering layer of trichomes. With this, Paradise Seeds has found a golden mean for sativa lovers with little patience. Which with 24% THC according to our THC Testing Service, can also pack quite a punch.

Taste and smell Dela haze

The distinctive fresh pine scents – which you might expect in a haze – are nicely complemented in this Delahaze; by a sweet layer that immediately evokes nostalgic feelings. In fact, they are exactly the sweet notes you found in the real Mango Haze. One of Uncle Kush’s favorites, before Kush was at all a common term in cannabis-loving Holland. Topped off by a slight gasyness that is in all likelihood a legacy of the Lemon Skunk.

These scents are also reflected in the taste of Delahaze. In which the Lemon Skunk can also be tasted a lot better than you can smell it. A combination that cannot help but evoke memories for an older generation of stoners. Who used to get nothing but these kinds of flavors in the coffee shop.

Delahaze effect

But thanks to new breeding techniques, this Delahaze is a lot better produced than those Mangoes of yesteryear. And as a result, a pure joint of this fresh haze also produces a thick oil ring. Thanks to the high concentration of cannabinoids as well as terpenes in this batch. Which, by the way, are trapped in a high number of beautiful trichomes, betraying that this Delahaze was harvested at just the right time

Consequently, you notice this immediately in the rather strong effect. Which is characterized primarily as an active head high. One after which, for example, you pick up the digital pen and write a strain review, thankfully. Because otherwise little of this writing would have come to fruition. So Delahaze is an ideal daytime cannabis strain. To boost your creativity and have an energizing, productive sesh with.

Coffeeshop Cremers

This particular batch of DelaHaze comes from Coffeeshop Cremers in The Hague. Don’t you know this cozy, The Hague shop yet? Then check here the podcast with owner and striking figure Gerard, in the bar ‘Café Cremers’ next to the coffee shop of the same name. Where you can smoke your joint and choose a beer from the more than 30 varieties on tap. There, Uncle Kush also once presented a hilarious Pub Quiz, you can watch that video here.

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