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Uncle Kush goes to the pub! To be precise, to the 420-friendly “Café Cremers” next to the coffeeshop of the same name in The Hague. Shop owner Gerard – known from THC podcast S01E10 – invited The High Cloud to host the evening. Uncle Kush reveals himself as quizmaster, in higher atmospheres, we blaze up the place with people from the industry; and give away dope prizes! Watch Uncle Kush goes Pub Quiz now:

Cremers’ Pub Quiz

Uncle Kush loves Cremers, so he didn’t have to think twice when he was asked to host a Pub Quiz there. Coffeeshopowner Gerard – known for The High Cloud podcast S01E10 – initially started a digital version of these trivia nights in corona time. He streamed the quiz from the cafe while dozens of stoned (or drunk) people tuned in from their homes to participate.

But since 4/20/2022, he has been organizing them (almost) every 20th of the month in real life; in his 420-friendly café Cremers next to his coffee shop. Where you can also win super sick prizes. This time including bags of Cali weed, delicious cosmetics from the homie Bud Bombs, a donut joint from Trichome Science and more!

Quizmaster Kush

Complete with camera team, Uncle Kush struggles through the weed-related questions like a true quizmaster. After all, of the 50, he only came up with 15 himself, the rest were also a surprise for him. This produces hilarious, tongue-tied scenes and makes this stoner quiz all the more fun.

And although there are participants competing for fun; there is serious competition between a lot of the competitors. The alternating top-5 (with long-time leader John) is fighting for those prizes and keeps things exciting for a long time. You can check who eventually won in the video below:

uncle kush goes pub quiz cafe cremers the high cloud

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