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In the tenth and final episode of the first season of The High Cloud Podcast, Uncle Kush receives a warm welcome from the striking Gerard Smit. The intriguing owner of Coffeeshop (and Café) Cremers in The Hague has been working in the Hague’s coffeeshop-scene since the 1990s. How does he think this has changed over the past 30 years; and how does Gerard view things like dabbing and the cannabis experiment? Find out in the season finale of The High Cloud season 1:

Gerard ‘Cremers’ Smit

Gerard has been working in the Hague coffee shop scene since the 1990s. A normal step for him; because he grew up with cannabis, he explains in the tenth episode of The High Cloud podcast. He joined Coffeeshop Cremers when the business just got its new name. As before that, the shop (by then-owner Joop) was a Bulldog coffeeshop. For years, Gerard worked for Joop until he was able to take over the business and put his own spin on it. And not without merit, because these days coffeeshop Cremers is winning prize after prize.

Developments in the coffee shop industry

As a coffee shop owner, Gerard knows all about the industry and its changes over the past 30 years. For example, he tells us that we went from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. But he also experienced the introduction of Cali-strains; and slowly sees land races and Dutch classics disappear. He also had personal challenges to deal with, including the obligated closing during the corona period right after a mega renovation. How does Gerard view these changes and how does he see the future? You’ll see (and hear) in the tenth episode of The High Cloud Podcast.

Coffeeshop Cremers

Coffeeshop Cremers can be found at Prinsenstraat 84 in The Hague since 1990. The left door of this corner building is the entrance to the coffee shop, featuring a takeout counter with an impressive menu. Café Cremers is the 420-friendly café of Cremers, which you will find behind the right door of the corner building. In this café you can smoke your joint (pure) and have a nice snack or (alcoholic) drink. ENJOY!

Please note, Café Cremers only permits entry with a receipt from a recent purchase in the coffee shop or with a lifetime Gold Card. The latter is personal and of course you have to earn it, there are not so many of those around. By the way, the café is closed for the entire month of September so that the staff can rest. Who will we see there in October?

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