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Uncle Kush isn’t the youngest anymore either…. So after a three-day fair or a super-long sesh, some (back, neck or muscle) pain and stiffness may occur. Fortunately, your stoned uncle also has a possible solution to these ailments: the CBD patches from DNH – with a discount for followers of The High Cloud! Got curious? Here’s how it works:


It all seems like fun and games, three days of wandering around a cannabis fair in Berlin. Or sitting for hours smoking at a 420-friendly beach club and bending over 1000x to torch your dab rig. But if you’re over 30 and as out of shape as our Uncle Kush, you’re going to have some body issues after that.

Aches, pains, discomforts; we all suffer from them from time to time. Because even if you are fit and run a bit every day you will occasionally sprain an ankle or have a nagging knee. And our fit boys and girls who “pump iron” in the gym every day also have regular (inflammatory) pain and stiff muscles.

Uncle Kush knows all about it and as a recreational and medicinal cannabis user has been searching for years for the perfect cannabis products. In fact, to get the most benefit from cannabis, both recreationally and medicinally, it is wise to use other cannabinoids in addition to THC. After all, this also enhances the“entourage effect” that these substances have in your body together. In addition, enough CBD ensures that you won’t suffer from the unwanted long-term effects of THC; such as losing your vocabulary. Or would you like to sound like one of those 70-year-old hippies when you’re fifty?

stoner stereotype
Uuuuhm, yeah man! Or not!?

CBD Patches for pain and discomfort

But yes, fair is fair, most recreational hash and weed just doesn’t have enough CBD in it; and not all CBD oil is equally tasty. In fact, most of it is simply unpalatable. In addition, the stuff is hard to use with those damn drops; and most forget to take it regularly, so they don’t get enough benefit from it. Icing on the cake is that the active ingredients in CBD oil drops are also poorly absorbed by your body. And for real pain, you often need a somewhat more powerful local approach as well.

That’s why Kush has piles of CBD patches in his drawer. These innovative plasters from Dutch Natural Healing are – in our opinion – super effective, offer long lasting relief and are relatively cheap! The CBD Patches come in three versions: one with 15mg, one with 15mg and a hint of lavender, and one with 30mg of high-quality CBD.

How do CBD patches work?

On the patches, the CBD is incorporated into super-thin layers of glue that melts at body temperature. This means that the available Cannabidiol is not released all at once, but slowly. Therefore, with a patch, you usually have between 12 and 36 hours of relief; depending on your symptoms and body temperature. And although 15mg may not seem like much, due to its high absorption, no mg is lost. This way you maximize the potential health benefits of these handy CBD Patches.

Because of the ease of use, the patches are also very accessible to people who have less affinity with cannabinoids. So your mommy, aunt or grandfather who didn’t dare take up cannabis oil might be more likely to give in if you offer such a patch.

Uncle Kush likes to use the CBD Patches, as you see in this video

CBD patches for sleeping

Although the regular CBD patches could also be effective in helping you sleep; DNH made a version that is even better for a good night’s sleep. In fact, the CBD Patches for sleep feature a light lavender scent. A subtle aromatherapy that contributes to the relaxing effect of the Cannabidiol (CBD), offering you a better night’s rest. Do you have trouble sleeping? Then try the CBD Patches for Sleep.

Discount on CBD Patches

Of course, we wouldn’t be The High Cloud if there wasn’t a fat discount to be arranged on those patches. So you can now order these subtle, convenient and helpful CBD Plasters with 15% off when you use discount code‘THC15‘ at So you have 30 plasters starting at only €16.83 instead of €19.80 with this discount code.

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