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The High Cloud was invited to the harvest party organized by CNNBS together with Super Sativa Seed Club. A private party for homegrowers who report on their indoor and outdoor growing on With the Dankoscope, these growers can finally see their crops up close. And with the Purpl Pro, we test these very different cultures. How well do these growers guess the THC percentage of their own creations? Check it in Uncle Kush goes Harvest Festival: harvest festival

Good things should be celebrated. Like when you finally have harvested, dried and cured your carefully tended cannabis plant after a long season. The guys at thought so, too. So they invited all their grow reporters on 11-11 in collaboration with Super Sativa Seed Club to celebrate the harvest together. The High Cloud was also asked to join this special event and of course Uncle Kush accepted this honorable invitation!

Testing weed for THC %

Where there are growers, there is weed. So it also seemed immediately logical to pack up the Dankoscope to get the best view of all that homegrown weed. And so to determine, for example, whether the samples were harvested at the right time. A great topic to discuss during this harvest festival! Since the time of harvest determines the percentage of cannabinoids in the cannabis.

For the latter, we also pulled the Purpl Pro out of the grease again. Because what we’re always curious about is whether people can guess how strong their weed is. If they guess correctly in this case, they win a dope THC Grinder. If they get it wrong, they can be happy with the THC Clipper lighter. How well do these growers guess the THC percentage of their own creations? Check it in the video Uncle Kush goes Harvest Festival:

the high cloud goes harvest party uncle kush cnnbs

THC Bookings

Would you like to book Uncle Kush and The High Cloud for your event? If so, please contact us using the contact form. We offer several opportunities with LIVE infotainment, on-site cannabis testing, podcast experience and more. Take your stoner event to a higher level with Uncle Kush and The High Cloud!

Buy Dankoscope or Order Purpl Pro

The Dankoscope and Purpl Pro are now also available in the THC Webshop. This is how The High Cloud makes it possible for you to better judge your weed at home for a STEADY LOW PRICE! Check out the items here for more information or ORDER THEM DIRECTLY in the THC Shop📲

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