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MAC1 is a globally known cannabis strain with a wonderful background. How does this American strain – of which feminized seeds have never been sold – hold up in Dutch coffeeshops? We test it for you in The High Cloud strain review of MAC1. With a sample from the menu at Coffeeshop De Kade in Amsterdam:

Miracle Alien Cookies

MAC1 (“The Mac,” “M.A.C.” or “Miracle Alien Cookies”) is a funky strain with an almost miraculous background. Because the origin of this unique cannabis strain is a legendary story – beginning with a Colombian land race.

The breeder, “Capulator,” brought some seeds with him from South America; but accidentally left them in his jeans’ pocket and threw them in the washing machine. His wife saved the seeds and germinated all 15 of them. But only one male remained alive in the end: Miracle15. Capulator later crossed it with a female Alien Cookies, giving life to Miracle Alien Cookies, MAC1.

A strain that he only shares with growers under strict conditions, so feminized seeds of it have never been released on the market. This is how Capulator ensures the quality of its genetics, which is therefore almost the same everywhere. The real Miracle Alien Cookies can therefore be recognized by beautiful, not too round, firm buds that are completely covered in snow-white trichomes.

MAC or ‘Miracle Alien Cookies’ can be recognized by solid buds covered in snow-white trichomes

Smell and Taste MAC1

Despite the “Cookies” in the name, the aroma of The Mac is quite far from that of the well-known Cookies strains. Therefore, it is not a very pronounced, floral aroma. But rather a more subdued, creamy, and almost to warming spice-neutral tone. This is best compared to a kind of lemon butter, with the creaminess of butter and a little acidity from the lemon.

If you smoke or vape MAC, you also clearly taste a layer of vanilla when you blow it out. The special aroma makes this strain a real pleasure to smoke or vape. Take to that the excellent quality the grower delivered with this specimen for Coffeeshop De Kade and the picture is complete. Because for only 14 euros per gram, you won’t pass up this gem. Especially not considering that on the Purpl Pro, it tests at 20% THC.

Effect The Mac

Thanks to the dominant terpene “limonene,” you can count on an uplifting effect with this unique cannabis strain. Although it is a balanced hybrid, its “sativa” characteristics are evident in MAC1. But because of the other, spicier terpenes in the profile, the energetic effect of this strain does not strike a chord. As might be the case with a Lemon Haze, for example. MAC is therefore a great strain for late afternoon or evening social occasions.

Coffeeshop De Kade

The buds in this review – viewed up close above with the Dankoscope – come from Coffeeshop De Kade in Amsterdam-Zuid. Of which we previously reviewed Ice Cream Cake and Sunset Sherbert. De Kade is a fantastic store located at Stadionkade 107 in Amsterdam Zuid. From here it has been serving locals and tourists with the best cannabis for over 30 years. In addition to a surprisingly current menu featuring a variety of local and imported products, De Kade also offers its guests a special visitor experience.

Thanks to the styling of the premises, there is a relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of a modern cigar lounge. However, it is completely tobacco-free here. So you can smoke up the beautiful smoking room with the delicious scents of this M.A.C. or other fire from the menu. So, fortunately, even the beautiful clothes from De Kade “boutique” stay free of unwanted odors!

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