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Tom ‘B’ de Vreugd is the first guest of The High Cloud podcast season two. He warmly welcomes Uncle Kush to Plantarium, the cannabis information center where B developed himself into a cultivation expert over the past 10-15 years. They talk about Tom’s (shocking) past as a police officer, the contrast with his current career in cannabis cultivation; life and work in the cannabis industry and his role at Plantarium in Nijmegen. Check out this already legendary episode now!

Tom ‘B’ de Vreugd

Tom, better known as “B” from Plantarium, has been around the cannabis world for more than 10 years now. Although he was a lover of the plant before that, his career surprisingly begins in the police force. In this legendary episode, we hear, among other things, how cannabis enthusiast Tom rolled up grows in his days as a police officer – and why he didn’t mind in those cases. But also how he dealt with smoking youth.

In this first episode of the second season of the THC Podcast with Uncle Kush, we continue to hear how – now cultivation expert – Tom ended up at‘Plantarium‘. The cannabis expertise center for the small-scale cannabis grower. And how his career developed further, which now includes B working at one of the ten cannabis trial growers: Aurora.

Plantarium Cannabis Expert Center

But in addition to the person Tom, we also discover his broad knowledge in the field of cannabis growing. He gained much of that knowledge in his 10-15 years at Plantarium. A cannabis expertise center where you can get everything you need to safely grow your own weed at home. From the grow tent/cabinet to the seeds and substrates; and the pots to store your harvest in. Everything you need!

The most important thing you can get there, however, is information. The knowledge of Tom and his colleagues, constantly evolving thanks to their open attitude to their customers. Because at Plantarium, they realize all too well that in this changing world, we can learn from each other. So they actively exchange information with customers about progress in their breeding and cultivation, in order to learn and better inform visitors.

Weed trial

This breadth of knowledge helped lead Tom to be approached to come work for Aurora. One of 10 selected companies that will soon legally grow marijuana; and supply it to coffee shops in 10 municipalities participating in the cannabis experiment. We previously talked about this with Patrick Stevens of competitor grower, Holigram, in THC Podcast S01E09. But where Patrick plays a role as a bridge between shops and the grower, Tom himself walks among the plants daily. What a dream!

Now check out this interesting episode with cannabis professional Tom ‘B’ de Vreugd:

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