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Sunset Sherbert is one of Uncle Kush ‘s favorite cannabis strains. Moreover, this tasty sample comes from one of his favorite shops of the moment: Coffeeshop De Kade in Amsterdam. So expectations are high – but will this strain live up to them? Find out in The High Cloud Strain Review of Sunset Sherbert from Coffeeshop De Kade:

Sunset Sherbert

Sunset Sherbert is a strain with many names. Originally from the – in the cannabis world legendary – Mr. Sherbinski, we also know this cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties as: Sherbet, Sherbert and Sherbert OG. According to the books, an indica-dominant cannabis strain with B-Caryophyllene as the predominant terpene. Yet there is more behind this flavor bomb than just relaxation.

As colorful as the ice cream the strain is named after is, so are the buds of the cannabis strain. With colors ranging from fresh and dark green to deep purple. Although it is sometimes difficult to see this because of the dense layer of white trichomes on the buds. The sample for this strain review comes from coffeeshop De Kade and is believed to be Dutch Grown. In other words, top American genetics grown on home soil. And therefore surprisingly affordable for this high quality: €16 per gram.

A surprisingly good quality for this price!

Smell and taste Sunset Sherbert

When it comes to cannabis you can taste quality. Because good weed tastes good. Okay, a cannabis strain may just not be to your taste. Just as Uncle Kush is cannot be satisfied with – unpopular opinion alert – Cheese or Shoreline, for example. But in general, good bud is at least flavorful. And this Sunset Sherbert from De Kade certainly is!

Because with every puff you take, you taste the distinct aroma of this deliciously composed variety. Like the ice cream, the Sunset Sherbert cannabis flavor begins with a sweet tone of fresh citrus ice cream; with a creamy (almost Campino candy-like) aftertaste. A tropical surprise that the majority of cannabis lovers enjoy right up to the roach.

Effect Sunset Sherbert

By the way, it’s not just the taste that is enjoyable. Because the effect of Sunset Sherbert is also one to consider. So where the cannabis strain has mostly indica-leaning terpenes – if we can still call them that – it is still a nice strain for daytime use. That’s because in addition to those indica-leaning terpenes, it also has a fruity profile with some more uplifting terps.

Sunset Sherbert from De Kade under the Dankoscope from Delta9Analytics

So at lower doses you have a relaxed euphoria, sometimes even giggly. A little like the weed ‘back in the day’. But smoke a little more and you will notice those calming effects of Sunset Sherbet take over. So this strain offers a nice mix between physical relaxation with a happy uplifting mental high. With an average of 18% THC, it is not a particularly strong strain. De Kade’s buds tested as high as 15-17% THC on the Purpl Pro.

Coffeeshop De Kade

The buds from this review – like this Ice Cream Cake – come from Coffeeshop De Kade in Amsterdam-Zuid. This wonderful store has been around for over 30 years, serving locals and tourists looking for the best cannabis in Amsterdam from Stadionkade 107. In addition to a surprising and up-to-date menu, De Kade also offers its guests a special visitor experience.

Who will turn De Kade up in smoke with this Sunset Sherbert?

Thanks to the unique styling of the venue after an intensive renovation, there is a relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of a modern cigar lounge. Fortunately, the place is completely tobacco-free, though, so you can fill up the beautiful smoking lounge with the delicious aromas of Sunset Sherbert or other topshelf items from the menu. This way even the beautiful clothes from De Kade ’boutique ‘ remain free of unwanted odors!

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