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Uncle Kush goes STONEY HAWK! Join The High Cloud as we visit Greenmeister’s skatefriendly stoned event: Stoney Hawk Cup. At this cool event, Uncle Kush tested visitors’ weed for THC percentage. The first to guess how strong his weed was won a skateboard from Stoned Skateboarding! Check it out here:

THC at Stoney Hawk Cup

How strong is your weed? Uncle Kush will tell you in an instant with Delta-9-Analytics‘ Purpl Pro THC Tester. At Greenmeister’s Stoney Hawk Cup, visitors got to guess how strong their bud was. The first person to guess it right had a chance to win a super cool prize package. Initially from Stonedskateboarding, but and also pitched in afterwards! Was there a fair win? Doubtful… But is the winner happy? That for sure!

In addition, Uncle Kush smoked with a few known als lesser known people from the industry, discovered new products; and got way too high for the high heights at the Amersfoort Skate Centrale. Curious about the video? Check it out below:

The High Cloud

With The High Cloud, Uncle Kush gives us a glimpse into the Dutch cannabis industry. Together with friends and industry entrepreneurs, he shows us what normally remains hidden. That’s why on The High Cloud Podcast we “just act normal” about weed. This way we hopefully contribute to the normalization and legalization of our beautiful little plant. Whether it’s about (il-)legal growing, hash and concentrates, the cannabis experiment or coffee shops. Everything is discussed on and in The High Cloud Podcast.

Greenmeister is the interactive platform for coffeeshops (and visitors) in the Netherlands. Find nearby coffeeshops, search specific strains and share your finds with your friends. Show what you smoke and review how it was, update menus from your favorite shops and make sure your homies know exactly what’s good in the hood. Check out the updated version now and download it as an app on your phone!

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