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Attorney Maurice Veldman soon discovered that pot-related lawsuits are more fun than murder and manslaughter. He got his first hashish as a student at Het Ballonnetje in Amsterdam. Where Uncle Kush has now invited him to this episode. For more than 25 years now, Veldman has defended nearly all coffee shops, large and small growers, runners and growshops from over the rivers. What exactly are the rules for consumers and coffee shops; and are you allowed to grow 5 plants at home or not? Check out this and more on the rights and laws surrounding cannabis in S02E08 of the THC Podcast:

Maurice Veldman

Maurice Veldman once studied at the University of Amsterdam, across from coffee shop Het Ballonnetje. Here, the now experienced lawyer is now a guest of Uncle Kush to talk about his career. For the last 25-30 years, in fact, he shifted his focus and specialty from murder and manslaughter, to the cannabis industry.

He has since defended the biggest names in this risky but volatile industry. Including our friend Mila the Hashqueen from season 1, who Veldman shares a hilarious anecdote about in this interesting episode. The passionate and experienced lawyer also writes a lot about cannabis policy in the Netherlands for The platform where Uncle Kush once began, from the gentlemen we also saw in S01E06 of the THC Podcast.

Cannabis laws and rights

And that Maurice has interesting insights becomes quickly apparent in this podcast full of cannabis facts. Because as a specialized lawyer, he knows better than anyone else what is and is not allowed around marijuana in the Netherlands. So we talk about the crooked tolerance policy; and the difficulty coffee shops have in running a normal business. Because of their problems with banks, among other things. Besides the illegality of import products like Moroccan hash and Cali weed and the inevitable “money laundering” of money.

We also talk about the backdoor, cannabis testing, packaging and the cannabis experiment. Of course we also pay extensive attention to what you as a consumer can and cannot do.

Can you grow marijuana at home?

Another big issue Veldman has a lot to say about is home weed growing. After all, home cultivation, like coffee shops, is a tolerated thing. So Maurice explains how the Justice Department now views consumers (AND patients) who grow marijuana on a small scale for home personal use. Tip of the hat: none of this should be such a big deal. Especially if you use LED lighting in a fireproof grow box like this one from G-Tools.

Are you also curious about what is and is not allowed, and how the legal system has changed with respect to weed? Check out S02E08 of the THC Podcast here with WIET-ADVOCAAT of the Coffeeshops and Growers: Maurice Veldman:

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