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QUE PASA?! Uncle Kush from The High Cloud is at one of the biggest cannabis fairs in Europe: Spannabis in Barcelona. This time with the mission to blossom 3 Seedstockers seeds into a fat prize. To give away to a lucky visitor at the fair. So our Unc literally hustles his way through the booths – and everyone who participates is blessed with “salud” in the form of Mascotte’s Active Filters. Giving away beautiful things, that makes everyone Feliz, doesn’t it?

Hustling at Spannabis

This year, Uncle Kush was at the fair with a mission. Armed with seeds from Seedstockers, Unc hustles his way through the booths. With the goal of having the seeds “blossom” and swap into something MEGA to give away to a visitor. That starts out a little difficult… But as the day progresses and Uncle Kush comes to beg at his friends’ booths, things suddenly speed up. Because before he knows it, the packet of seeds is worth more than 1600€. And we are giving away a PUFFCO PEAK PRO to one lucky visitor! Check out the video below:

thc goes spannabis uncle kush barcelona the high cloud

Largest cannabis fairs in Europe

Spannabis in Barcelona, like Mary Jane in Berlin, is one of the largest cannabis fairs in Europe. At these events, companies come from all over the world to do business. But also to spot new products and make contacts. It is a Valhalla for entrepreneurs and professionals because everyone you want to talk to is probably there.

But consumers will have their fun there too, with the many free goodies and cool gadgets at the fair. And, not to mention, the approachability with which you can get to know the big guys in this industry. After all, you walk right up to Arjan from the Greenhouse, or Fidel from the Hashholes; just to name a few. So even if you plan to do something more in the cannabis industry. A fair like Spannabis is the perfect opportunity to expand your network and pitch ideas.

Haven’t seen our video in Berlin yet? Then check it out below:

mary jane berlin the high cloud

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