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There are thousands of cannabis strains, each with its own unique flavor and effect. Hence, beginners like Jonathan sometimes lose track when looking for a nice strain to smoke. Fortunately, Uncle Kush is happy to offer advice, and in this edition of “Uncle’s Advice,” answers the question, “What’s a good sativa to start with?”

Good sativa to start with

Uncle Kush receives many DMs daily with questions and comments from viewers and followers. Whenever possible, he is therefore happy to give advice on anything related to cannabis. Whether it’s white ash, hard hash or curing intestinal problems with space cake. Our Uncle Kush does his best to provide answers as clearly as possible.

In this edition of “Uncle’s Advice,” a short question – with a comprehensive answer – from Jonathan. He says, “Hey Uncle Kush, I just had a question…. What’s a good sativa to start with that’ll give you a nice energy boost? Thanks in advance!”

Follow your nose!

To which Uncle Kush replies, “Hey Jonathan, Thanks for your message man. This is, of course, quite personal and taste-dependent. For example, there are ferocious haze varieties that will almost make you go through the roof. To some more relaxed Sativa strains from which you get a positive upbeat feeling. The important thing is to learn to follow your nose when it comes to selecting strains.

That said, my morning go-to’s are not the most intense pick-me-ups. Rather, they offer a positive upbeat feeling without making you nervous. For example: Sour Tangie, Strawberry Sour Diesel, Tropicanna Cherries, Mimosa, Sunset Sherbert, Sour Rainbow and Zkittlez. But also all kinds of hybrids and things that come close 😅 But again, follow your nose or check out the THC Strain Reviews!’

sunset sherbert
Sunset Sherbert is one of Uncle Kush’s daytime favorites

Pure smoking for best effect

Jonathan doesn’t quite understand what Uncle Kush means, and responds, “What exactly do you mean by going through the roof? Can you really get hyper from a joint?’ ‘Yeah man,’ says Uncle Kush…. ‘If I smoke a pure Lemon Haze without a little CBD or Indica terpy weed in it I’m gonna vacuum, clean up, get to work bro! Hahaha all twitchy.’

This is why it is so important to consume tobacco-free, as tobacco has a blood vessel constricting element that dampens any Sativa strain. Which gives you a couch-lock effect from a Lemon haze tobacco joint, for example. While you tend to start spring cleaning in the winter if you were to smoke it pure.

Sativa for sports?

‘Wow did I not know at all, thought it was all a sleepy effect. Thank you!” says Jonathan to this. Who still has one question left after this conversation: ‘so are sativa varieties also used in connection with sports or do you know less about that?’

In turn, Uncle Kush replies, “In the sports world, a lot of use is made of CBD and such for faster recovery. As a pre-workout I do smoke a Sativa and I think with me many others. But in professional sports, of course, that’s a no-go.’ To which Jonathan concludes with satisfaction: ‘Very good to know. Thanks man, I’m gonna go try it!’

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