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Although many consumers use weed primarily to relax (high); there are those who also benefit from it in other ways. Sometimes completely unexpected, as evidenced by the story of Iris who made space cake with her friends for a social evening. Because it resulted in her friend with chronic intestinal inflammation suddenly remaining symptom-free for days! Is this a case of healing by space cake? In this‘Uncle’s Advice‘ we discover how cannabis can help with intestinal problems:

Dear Uncle Kush

‘Dear Uncle Kush,’ Iris begins in her message via the contact form on ‘I find your podcasts very interesting and I am looking forward to the episode with Mila Jansen. Entertaining and you get some ‘higher education’ if you spark one, although I prefer my ice bong with carball better. But that is not why I am sending you this message. From what I understood you are a medicinal user and you write for or at least you have done so.

Some time ago, I and a friend baked a space cake out of rebelliousness. The friend had arranged the weed (five grams of white widow). We had studied the chemistry of space cake baking beforehand and compared different preparation techniques. Well prepared, we produced a space cake that was quite effective. The three of us laughed our butts off and had a lot of fun.’

Our Uncle Kush some years (and kilo’s) ago in the old CNNBS / office for ‘420TV’

Space cake for intestinal problems

But what is the case now, the female friend who was there has chronic intestinal inflammation. Probably developed as early as her childhood due to a combination of factors, including improper and excessive use of antibiotics. So she’s always bothered by that. But up to two days after consuming the spacecake, the was symptom-free and had perfect bowel movement.

‘Up to two days after consuming the space cake, she was symptom-free’

Iris continued, “Now I have read on occasion that THC is a powerful anti-inflammatory, but maybe it was just a coincidence. So I later baked another space cake. This time just with a bag of grits from coffeeshop Simpel Minds in The Hague. I fed the friend in question another slice of this and yes, again the same effect. She was symptom free the following two days and had a perfect bowel movement. It started as a joke but it did get me thinking….

Dosage and doctor’s orders

Because of her chronic intestinal inflammation, she does not absorb enough nutrients from her diet. As a result, she is underweight and therefore very petite. The high hits her very hard compared to someone with a normal posture who consumes an equally thick slice. It will therefore be a puzzle to administer an effective dose, without the effect becoming unpleasant for herself.

So my question for the Uncle’s Advice section is: is this an example of the anti-inflammatory properties of THC? And can we treat her intestinal inflammation with a slice of cake, where years of doctorly fumbling accomplished nothing?

Kind regards,


intestinal problems cannabis
There are many people who treat their bowel problems with cannabis!

Double benefit from cannabis

‘Hi Iris,’ Uncle Kush says. ‘First of all, thank you so much for your comprehensive and especially interesting question! You have indeed been paying attention, I used to write for and I also use cannabis medicinally myself. I tell more about this in Q&A episode 4 and episode 6 with Joop & Sanne of CNNBS in The High Cloud Podcast. During my time there I gained quite a bit of knowledge about the (possible) medicinal effects of cannabis.

What I also learned during that time is that we have to be careful about making claims about this. So, before we go into details: I would like to have said that I am not a doctor, the information below is not medical advice; and you should always contact your doctor with questions about your health.

That being said though, your friend is not the first to double benefit from cannabis. Because while many people only enjoy the recreational effects of weed, there are those with certain health conditions who actually benefit from it. At least, say they feel better physically or mentally because of it.

Anti-inflammatory effects of weed

Cannabis, as you say yourself, has a particularly effective anti-inflammatory effect. This is no secret and often proven in scientific studies, like this one for example. However, it is difficult to study exactly how cannabis works in people with certain health conditions. Because of the illegality of the plant, it is incredibly difficult to do research with it.

What there is, however, is overwhelming anecdotal evidence. Or testimonials from people who have treated their bowel problems with cannabis products. For example, I myself know a guy who had severe Crohn’s (also a chronic inflammation of the gut) and pretty much cured himself with the use of cannabis oil, or “cannabis oil.

In addition to the anti-inflammatory effects of marijuana, cannabinoids such as THC and CBD also simply help calm the intestines – and the rest of the body. And that too contributes to recovery, or in this case “just” a normal bowel movement. Thus, like your friend, there are many other people who successfully treat their bowel problems with cannabis products. Ranging from gut inflammation like your friend, to spastic gut, leaky gut, PDS and more. Just look up“intestines” or“Crohn’s,” on

Weed oil could be a safer alternative to space cake. (Photo: DutchNaturalHealing)

Alternatives for intestinal problems

By the way, the question remains whether an old-fashioned space cake is the ultimate solution for your friend. After all, pastries are (unfortunately) not so good for you, and sugars, dairy products (weed butter) and certain flours don’t help inflammation either. In addition, the digestion of such a cake is not always easy, especially for someone with intestinal problems.

Therefore, a safer option would be to experiment with a daytime CBD Oil. Otherwise a low dose of THC dominant cannabis oil or edibles made with extracts instead of butter/milk. These are much easier for the body to digest, more precise to dose and possibly a more effective (long-term) solution. By the way, I always recommend building up the dosage slowly. You can always take some in, but it’s hard to take it out again…. Is this answer helpful at all?

Do you have a similar experience or another interesting question? Please contact us through e-mail or Insta!

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