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Uncle Kush loves to give advice on cannabis-related things when asked. That’s why in “Uncle’s Advice” on The High Cloud, you’ll find different answers to questions from followers, with simple or more complicated questions about weed. This time @420_BE is rightly concerned about so-called Terp Spray. Hence, he wants to know what it actually is, whether it is advisable at all and whether we should be afraid of the stuff.

Terp Spray

More and more often, Uncle Kush receives interesting questions via his Instagram or Like now, @420_BE manages to find our ‘Unc’ with an interesting question about a fairly new phenomenon in the cannabis consumer market: terp sprays. His question reads:

‘Hi, I need Uncle’s advice. Nowadays you can find “terp sprays” in every smart- and headshop. Recently, RAW even launched its own line of terp sprays. But what exactly is this and is it recommended? And to what extent should we be careful when we buy, say, Cali or other terpene-rich flowers; that they are just mids sprayed with terp sprays?😳 Kind regards, 420_BE’.

What is Terp Spray?

Uncle Kush: ‘Terp sprays are basically liquids containing ‘terpenes’ meant to be sprayed over your joints/papers. This would then add a flavor to the smoke you inhale and possibly add something to the effect. Typically, there are two types of terp sprays: those containing cannabis terpenes or terpenes derived from other (vegetal or synthetic) sources.

Each should know for himself what he/she does or does not take of course. But if you ask Uncle Kush, I wouldn’t take it. Certainly not if you have beautiful and flavorful cannabis, it is a shame to add a “strange product” to it. You could theoretically put lavender through your weed too, but that doesn’t happen in House Kush either! 😂

A quick Google search shows how many different brands of “Terp Sprays” there are on the market….

That said, such a spray can be a godsend for clean weed that doesn’t taste as good or has lost its flavor completely. After all, we don’t all, everywhere, have easy access to the topshelf products you see in The High Cloud Strain Reviews.

‘Fake’ Cali with Terp Sprays

To address your second question, always be vigilant. You won’t be the first one to think of spraying his ‘bad’ weed with flavors, so to speak…. 😂 Just think of the chemical ‘Sour Apple Haze’ and the like you find (or found) in the more touristy coffee shops in Amsterdam. In many cases, this is also poorly grown haze to which a flavor is later added. Compared to the junk used for that, a natural terp spray isn’t even that bad.

Therefore, it is high time to legalize and regulate the cannabis market. So that consumers are assured of clean quality products. And then we wouldn’t really need Terp sprays, right?

To which 420_BE fantasizes, “I’m secretly curious what it would be like if you sprayed, say, ZkittleZ terps on an amnesia.” Uncle Kush is less enthusiastic: “You can give it a try, you rather than me 😝”. But after seeing the price of such a spray 420_BE is also quickly cured: ‘Never mind, these sprays are 80 euros already… I’ll just go and get a pack of ZkittleZ, LOL!

Do you have experience with Terp Sprays? Let us know! Or if you have a question for Uncle Kush yourself, please contact us by email or on Insta.

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