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In the seventh episode of The High Cloud podcast, Uncle Kush is welcomed by Mahmoud at the legendary Dutch Passion Seed company. A familiar face in the cannabis industry, as he works for the cannabis seed company for over a decade. How did he end up here, what exactly does he do for Dutch Passion and what has he experienced in his ten-year cannabis career?

Mahmoud from Dutch Passion

Mahmoud has worked at the Dutch cannabis seed company‘Dutch Passion‘ for about ten years – and traveled halfway around the world for the company. Dutch Passion is of the oldest and most renowned seed banks in Europe. As Mahmoud’s father-in-law, Henk van Dalen, founder and owner of Dutch Passion, is the creator of strains like White Widow, Power Plant and Orange Bud. To name just a few of the legendary strains to his credit.

In this episode of The High Cloud podcast, Mahmoud talks about the history of Dutch Passion. But more importantly, the path he has taken so far within the business himself. In fact, he made it to the position of ‘head of new genetics’ in those ten years. How did he get there, what exactly does he do, and what can we expect from this seed giant? We hear all about their future plans and even get a scoop on their next strain!

Of course Mahmoud also brought some nice Dutch Passion samples for Uncle Kush to try.

Exciting episode

Normally it is not allowed, but for the occasion an exception is made and Uncle Kush is allowed to smoke inside. Although he prefers to take Dutch Passion’s delicious strains with him to properly analyze later. Because that’s what the wonderful samples Mahmoud brought with him deserve!

After the podcast recording, the THC crew also got a tour of Dutch Passion’s massive facility. Those images are incorporated into the video below. If you click on it you will be redirected to YouTube, where you can then log in and enjoy this already legendary episode:

Dutch Passion The High Cloud Podcast Mahmoud

The High Cloud Podcast

In season one of The High Cloud Podcast, Uncle Kush takes you behind the scenes of the Dutch cannabis industry; along with entrepreneurs and friends in the industry. Together they smoke the most exotic strains and extracts of the moment, talk about all things cannabis; and hear the stories of newcomers and veterans to the world of weed.

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