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This strain proves once again how good the price/quality ratio is at Coffeeshop De Loods. This surprisingly flavorful strain is in fact on the menu in Amersfoort for a very reasonable price. But is it the “real deal”? The High Cloud was one of the first to get its hands on it, to provide you with an extensive strain review of Black Cherry Gelato:

Black Cherry Gelato

Black Cherry Gelato (BCG) sounds good on its own, but it’s not half as exotic as its parents’ names: Açai & Black Cherry Funk. This super-tropical combination of flavors and colors resulted – with a still unknown breeder – in an impressive new variation that we now know as the BCG.

The firm buds have a dark purple color by themselves. But because the buds are completely covered in a dense layer of snow-white trichomes, you almost have to try your best to see the purple color in the cannabis bud. This is interspersed with long, fine bright orange flowering hairs. Which makes this strain definitely one of the top 3 most impressive and colorful buds we’ve gotten on camera so far.

And even though everything else about this bud screams ‘IMPORT’; the long flowering hairs and beautiful layer of trichomes prove that it was at least handled with care during transport.

Black Cherry Gelato from De Loods is a super colorful strain

Flavor Black Cherry Gelato

As is the case with many other imported strains from “the Americas,” this one also emits a particularly strong odor. This is probably due to the attention paid to the plant after harvest: the proper drying and curing of the weed. As a result, this cannabis strain diffuses a distinctive fresh-sweet aroma. Containing distinct notes of dark fruit, a fresh pine tone and a doughy roundness that brings the whole thing together nicely.

Although the complexity of this strain is best experienced from a vaporizer. This strain is also suitable to be smoked pure. The combustion – seen in white ash – and smoothness of this strain therefore gets a 7/10; which is very acceptable for a 14 euro strain! Yes, you read it right.

Effect Black Cherry Gelato

The effect of the Black Cherry Gelato from De Loods is not bad either. Although the strain is known as a hybrid, the effect quickly tends toward calming and soothing. Although you might still bust your gut laughing. So it really is a perfect strain for relaxing and to put your worries on the shelf for a while after a long school/work day. But lock the snack drawer if you’ve been to De Loods for this variety. Because a binge eating session is certainly not out of the question with this beauty.

black cherry gelato de loods mascotte papers

Coffeeshop de Loods (Amersfoort)

Coffeeshop De Loods has been an established name in Amersfoort for years but is as we speak undergoing a serious renovation, befitting their re-branding. They are easily accessible thanks to their strategic location in an industrial park. There they are working on a fancy, high-class look fitting Amsterdam Genetics. The luxury cannabis lifestyle brand the shop is associated with today.

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