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Dabbing is a sensitive thing, very sensitive… Because if your temperature is too low, nothing happens and you might waste your extract. If your temperature (like me sometimes) is too high, however, then your lungs might have a hard time. So to have a nice dab experience, it is essential to know how hot your “banger” is and to find the perfect dab temperature. Fortunately, that’s no longer done by hand, thanks to the Dab Rite infrared thermometer from

What is dabbing?

If you don’t know what dabbing is, check that out quickly episode 2 of The High Cloud Podcast with Runa and Kees. Because these two heavyweights in the ‘extracts game’ know all about it! In short, dabbing is vaporizing cannabis extracts in what is known as a ‘rig’. A glass pipe often with a ‘banger’ on it, the part you heat and on which the extract is vaporized. That said, there are of course countless other ways of dabbing and many more different extracts.

Click on the image to see the ‘dab episode’ with Runabudss and Kees from Ex-Tractors!

Dab temperature

But the majority of dabbers uses a glass banger that must be heated. This is because the cannabis extract must reach a certain temperature to be converted into vapor. In fact, in general, extracts have a firm and sticky, almost honey-like, solid form of themselves. And from a certain temperature, the stuff softens and eventually begins to evaporate. However, that vapor must also be nice to inhale and flavorful. After all, that’s what most dabbers do it for: the taste (and to get high).

To achieve such a fine experience, you want the banger – on which you will soon vaporize the extract – to be at the right temperature. Fortunately, you don’t have to measure that with the naked eye or by hand anymore. In fact, we don’t recommend that if you want to prevent burns. Because luckily there are also very handy devices that allow you to read the perfect temperature for dabbing.

dab rite ir thermometer perfect dab temperature
Measuring the perfect dab temperature doesn’t have to be done by hand

Best dabs with the Dab Rite

The Dab Rite is such a device. In short, it is an infrared thermometer made specifically for dabbing. It consists of a base with a screen and some buttons to set things up; and an adjustable arm with the sensors attached. For example, the buttons allow you to set your desired temperature. But you also use it to activate an alarm for when you reach the perfect dab temperature and control all sorts of other handy settings.

The adjustable arm with the sensitive sensors (and indicator light) is, in turn, covered with a protective silicone case. You can replace this along with the silicone inlay on the base of the device. This way you can easily give the Dab Rite a personal touch. And to be honest, that does help you find your device back during a sesh with 20 other Dab Rite’s…. After the sesh, easily store the device in the included hard case. Safe and discreet and ready for the next terp hunt.

Thanks to the USB-C port, by the way, the Dab Rite is super quick to charge. Although you will not notice much of that, because the battery is so strong that you will hardly need to charge it. In addition, the infrared thermometer turns off automatically after a few minutes. So that you don’t have to think about saving the energy of the thing while you’re stoned out of your mind.

Perfect temperature for dabbing

Now we hear you ask, “So what is the perfect dab temperature?” And that is precisely a question we have difficulty answering. After all, that is very dependent on your personal preference, type of extract and type of banger.

In general, most dabbers (as far as we have seen) keep it around 265 degrees Celsius for hash rosin. Live resin extracts and some spicier extracts are sometimes consumed with lower temps, around 245 degrees Celsius. Some hardcore dabbers however might like to take dabs at 285 (or higher) but, as far as we are concerned, that comes close to masochism. In short, it is a matter of finding out what you find the most comfortable temperature, in combination with a certain extract and type of banger.

Dab Rite with discount

So if you have just started dabbing or are planning to start, the Dab Rite is an indispensable tool in your dab kit. Luckily, you can easily order these from our friends at with 10% off when you use discount code ‘THC10’!* Now head over to the website and order your Dab Rite for the perfect dab temperature.

*Discount code ‘THC10’ is only valid on until December 31, 2022 on the Dab Rite.

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