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Who is this Uncle Kush from The High Cloud podcast anyway? We were regularly asked about the story of the man behind it all. That’s why in this special episode of the podcast series there’s no table full of guests, but a candid conversation with the host himself. Thanks to the many cool questions we received from you, our fine followers!

Q&A with Uncle Kush

By popular request, Uncle Kush opens up about himself in the fourth episode of The High Cloud Podcast. So no other guests in this episode, but the host’s story in the form of a Q&A. Followers of The High Cloud were asked to send us their cool questions via Instagram, which are now replied to.

That’s why in this episode we find out how Uncle Kush got into the cannabis industry in the first place, how it all went down after that and his preferences when it comes to cannabis. We hear everything from anecdotes about his first joint to his vision on the future of growing. In short, we take a look inside Uncle Kush’s muddled brain in this special episode of The High Cloud podcast.

All about weed

Of course we also talk about all kinds of other weed-related things. For example, we discuss how you can smoke pure weed and have a nice experience while doing so. But we also discuss terpenes and storing your weed properly. Besides improving your nightvision thanks to cannabis, and much more! Join us for this special episode of The High Cloud podcast with Uncle Kush on Spotify , YouTube or any of the other podcast channels .

This episode is sponsored by: , , Mascotte and Stichting Suver Nuver .

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