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Uncle Kush sets down in the offices of and talks with founder Onnick and friend of the show, PotographerAmsterdam. We hear from them what it’s like to work as non-smokers in the cannabis industry. From the perspective of an ex-smoker and someone who never smoked pot. We also talk about art and content in the cannabis world, marketing of cannabis companies; and have a laugh with these merry dudes. Oh yes, fortunately GreenmeisterJoost was there to work with Uncle Kush and professionallysmoke up the place Check out the new episode of The High Cloud Podcast:

Kush, Art & Content

The cannabis industry is more than just coffee shops! This is proven by PotographerAmsterdam, who managed to turn his passion into his job in the cannabis industry. However, he once started behind the bar of a coffee shop, as a smoker who simply wanted to do something with weed professionally. Now, years later, he stopped consuming cannabis. But his passion for photographing weed developed into a true art.

Onnick got involved in this industry in a very different way, but was immediately hooked. When he and his software company came up with a concept for a coffee shop database. This he built in recent years – with the support of rapper Bizzey, among others – into the popular coffee shop finder: We hear from him what it’s like to work in this industry as a non-smoker. But also how he built Greenmeister into what it is today.

PotographerAmsterdam (left) and Onnick (right) are both non-smokers in the canna industry

Coffeeshop De Kade

Fortunately, Uncle Kush is supported during the podcast by GreenmeisterJoost. The platform’s smoking mascot. Along with Uncle Kush, he upholds the honor of the THC Podcast and professionally smokes up the place. Thanks to Coffeeshop De Kade, which suggested a selection from PotographerAmsterdam for during the recording.

Coffeeshop De Kade is a stylish shop on Stadionkade in Amsterdam Zuid. Curious about the menu? Check out some of the topshelf items from this top shop in the THC Strain Reviews, including: Ice Cream Cake, Sunset Sherbert and MAC1.

MEGA Giveaway

This legendary episode of The High Cloud Podcast also includes a MEGA giveaway. In which a beautiful artwork from the“Have A Dab” series by Potographer will also be raffled off. Want to know more? Follow on Instagram and stay up to date on promotions, new content and more.

Watch the episode here:

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