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Nico and Maria together form Trichome Science; who make solventless extracts as well as innovative infused edibles with rosin. Thanks to Nico’s background in the kitchen, this ranges from high-end desserts to instant soups, sweets, instant coffee with weed and more. In addition to their interesting story, Nico also tells us how to make your own hash rosin at home in this extra-dope season finale of the THC Podcast. And we’ll actually show you every step of the process! Check out this already legendary episode here:

Trichome Science

Always passionate about cannabis, Nico worked as a chef in impressive kitchens for a long time. Slightly compelled by a pandemic, however, he eventually found a way to combine his passion and experience as an edible-maker. He moved from Belgium to the Netherlands; and won prize after prize at cannabis cups with edibles under the name of his then employer.

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Nico met Maria in Amsterdam. A date with her he arranged with hash, and she stayed through the edibles. With her he not only forms a couple, but Maria, with her coffee shop experience, carries half of Trichome Science. Which now makes many other innovative edibles in addition to high-end desserts. Including sauces, hashtella and instant edibles such as soup, instant coffee and chocolate milk. With the help of a complicated freeze dryer, kitchen experience and a lot of trial-and-error,…

Making Your Own Hash Rosin

In addition to their interesting story, Nico also shows us in this extra-thick season finale of the THC Podcast how we can make our own hash rosin at home. And we’ll actually show you every step of the process! So we have the frozen (user quantity) weed, ice, water, isolator bags and everything needed to make our own isolator hash at home. Moreover, Nico explains how to dry this without an expensive freeze dryer, so éveryone could do it.

Then we travel to Coffeeshop De Kroon to use their freely available rosin press. To turn the homemade isolator hash, into actual homemade rosin. And although this one has yet to undergo a curing process; we still take a dab fresh off the press in this extra-long, extra-dope final episode of THC Podcast Season 2. With big thanks to all partners: Zalig, Mascotte, Seedstockers, BioTabs, Super Sativa Seed Club and Suver Nuver Foundation.


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