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Karel Schelfhout discovered weed as a teenager and began growing his own at an early age. However, he saw – thanks to people like Nevil – that producing seeds was more lucrative than flowers. Through trial and error, he set up one of the 1st NL seed companies ever. Which has now “germinated” again after years of inactivity, spurred on by, among others, son Kees(Ex-Tractor)). With which he also founded BioTabs. Find out all about the impressive career of this legendary pioneer in our industry in S02E09 of the THC Podcast:

Karel Schelfhout

As a teenager, Karel discovered the phenomenon of “cannabis” through protest singer Armand. And even though he lived in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, hashish was already available in the village from a friend at that time. Young Karel was sold, and it wasn’t long before he saw the opportunity as a squatter to make some pennies on the side with growing weed. After all, the space and electricity was free, so pure profit.

Through trial and error, Karel built his hobby with a friend into a serious business. They got their genetics from the U.S., and so they got good money or their crop early on. Until they discovered there was much more to be earned in the seed business.

Making cannabis seeds

Indeed, through the High Times, they ended up with Nevil, the legendary breeder who sent his seeds all over the world from a village near Nijmegen. He asked if Karel and his friend wanted to help with production, and so they did. However, cooperation soon broke down. In the years that followed, Karel and his friend followed their own path and later came in contact with Sam the Skunkman; known for Skunk #1.

With such good genetics on their hands AND a cover story in the High Times, where Karel and friend got a stamp of approval as “High Tech growers from NL”; things went wild. Bags full of money were delivered and trays of seed went out the door. Until Karel found it getting too hot under his feet and he decided to quit at his peak.

A screenshot from the 1986 SSSC catalog

Restart of SSSC and establishment of BioTabs

For years, then, he cultivated only for his own use, while slowly turning into a ‘regular Joe’ with several sunglass stores. But the blood runs where it cannot go. And now-grown son Kees (Ex-Tractor from S01E02) persuades father Karel to get back on the proverbial horse. Thus, a few years ago they restarted together – the ‘Super Sativa Seed Club’ once started by Karel. Nowadays under the wing of seed giant Dutch Passion; who we spoke to in the first season of the THC Podcast.

However, times have changed so much that father’s way of growing (on rockwool with mineral nutrients) has long since ceased to be preferred. Together with son Kees, he therefore developed BioTabs. A brand of organic plant food that is so simple; that anyone can handle it. Without compromising on quality. Because if there’s one thing the Schelfhout’s are known for, it’s good weed! Why that is and how it came to be, find out in S02E09 of The High Cloud Podcast with Uncle Kush and Karel Schelfhout:

thc podcast s02e09 karel schefhout

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