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Capri Zun is one of those weed varieties you won’t easily walk away from. For starters because of the bag appeal of this nicely grown batch. But mostly because of the layered aromas these fresh buds give off. Because this strain contains just about all the scents and flavors that are popular right now! Does it also fall right up your alley? This is the THC Strain Review of Capri Zun from Coffeeshop De Kade:

Capri Zun

For a strain like Capri Zun, Uncle Kush likes to roll up its sleeves. In fact, this hybrid from Perfect Tree Seeds contains one of Uncle’s ultimate favorites: Sunset Sherbert. In this case crossed with the uniquely fruity flavor profile of Peach Ozz.

With a fresh and crisp appearance, this batch from Coffeeshop De Kade quickly attracts attention. The nicely shaped, slightly sativa-shaped buds have a light color and are handsomely trimmed. With that, this weed already has tremendously attractive bag appeal. Which would already convince most enthusiasts to try a bud.

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The bag appeal of this Capri Zun does not lie

Taste and smell Capri Zun

As if the bag appeal wasn’t enough, the Capri Zun also boasts a fantastic terpene profile. A highly layered harmony of scents best described as: ‘candygass’. The Peach Ozz clearly leaves its mark on this flavorful cannabis strain with a unique fruity touch. The peach flavor is obvious, carried by a sweet and sour candy aroma; rounded out with a slightly doughy finish from the Sunset Sherbert.

So Capri Zun is pretty much the best of both worlds and a wonderful combination from the breeder. Credit may also be given to the grower, by the way. Who delivers absolute topshelf quality with this batch for Coffeeshop De Kade.

Capri Zun effect

The effect of Capri Zun, as you would expect from a hybrid, depends heavily on the dosage. Dosed lightly, the fruity aroma will strike out mostly on the sativa side. This makes it an excellent strain for daytime use in these lower doses. But partly because of its relatively high THC concentration of 26% – according to the THC Weed Testing service – it is advisable to be careful with higher doses.

In fact, if you consume a little more of it, a slight “brain fry” or “couch lock” may still occur. And that happens before you know it; because of the delicious flavors that make it difficult to put the joint in the ashtray even for a moment.

De Kade Coffee Shop

This Capri Zun comes from Coffeeshop De Kade in Amsterdam-Zuid and costs 16 euros there. From this shop we also already reviewed a Zucotti, Ice Cream Cake, Sunset Sherbert and MAC1. De Kade is a beautifully styled store at Stadionkade 107 in Amsterdam Zuid. Where it has been serving tourists and local residents with topshelf cannabis as well as delicious coffee for over 30 years. In addition to a surprisingly current menu featuring a variety of local and imported products, De Kade also offers its guests a special visitor experience.

Thanks to the styling of the premises, there is a relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of a modern cigar lounge. Fortunately, it is completely tobacco-free here. So you can smoke up the beautiful smoking room with the delicious scents of this fruity cannabis strain. So even the beautiful clothes from De Kade “boutique” stay free of unwanted odors!

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