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Any self-respecting stoner must have had it (or at least wanted it): Runtz. A super trendy strain that has become a worldwide favorite in the last 2 years. For The High Cloud Strain Review of this beautiful cannabis strain we have an extraordinary specimen. In fact, this is our rating of the 10/10 Runtz from, from Coffeeshop Family First:

Runtz (

Anyone who has vitied The High Cloud before may have already seen this strain. A while ago we checked it out from another breeder/grower: the BOLO Runtz . Although this version also stems from a cross between Zkittlez and Gelato, there is a difference between these two varieties of the same cultivar. But we have to admit that the phenotypes are suspiciously close! This one also smells very fruity due to the sweet and sour Z-terps; and creamy at the same time thanks to the Gelato. With a very gassy undertone that lingers in your nose for a long time.

This Runtz comes from, the growers we mentioned earlier in the strain review of their ‘ Levels ‘. And just like then, this special packaging with even more special content comes from Coffeeshop Family First. The first thing you notice about the packaging is the ‘HOW WHITE IS YOUR ASH’ scale on the back of the bag. With which hints at their aim to have their products produce the whitest ash possible; since that is often associated with clean and nice smokeable weed. The same scale was found on the back of the pack we had from this brand before:

How white is your ash? At this is serious business!

These buds may therefore also seem to have been grown a lot naturally than the ones we saw before. That doesn’t mean anything right away, but the intense and complex bouquet is also more dominant in this batch. The buds are also not as rock-hard and more organically shaped, compared to the rather round and firm buds from our earlier Runtz-review.

Taste and effect Runtz

When we smoke the Runtz from we experience a beautiful creamy smoke that inhales smoothly and leaves delicious intense flavors in your mouth. This aroma can be tasted for a long time after the exhale, which makes this strain a pleasure to smoke. The California-based growers keep their promise, proven by a white ash spike that can stick to your joint for a long time if you hold it right. That is why this fantastically clean weed is also a great daily smoke!

Beautiful Runtz flower from

The effect of Runtz is uplifting and euphoric, without giving you too much energy. Call it a relaxed and satisfied feeling leaving you with enough energy to go do something fun with your day. However, if you take it in a higher dosage, it can deliver quite an intense high. So it can also be used perfectly for a chill evening on the couch. I guess we can call it an extremely versatile cannabis strain.

Coffeeshop Family First

This species has its origin in the US, but it is available in Amsterdam. At Coffeeshop Family First you will find these and other exotic cannabis strains – including many from – on their extensive and almost unparalleled menu. This shop is a must-visit for tourists and locals alike, who want to treat themselves to weed as it was meant to be. Because at this shop on the Amstel 36 you will only find topshelf products.

Try it yourself or check out one of our other Strain Reviews !

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