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About usWhat is The High Cloud?

The High Cloud is an initiative of Uncle Kush . This platform stands for the normalization of cannabis and developing the legal industry around it. A cannabis-friendly environment where consumers can finally be themselves. That is why The High Cloud creates different types of content that meet the needs of cannabis users in Europe. Entertaining, slightly informative and above all equal to the viewer. No cheech-and-chong content, parodies and caricatures of the smoker; but serious content with an amusing edge.

The High Cloud Podcast

In The High Cloud Podcast, Uncle Kush gives an insight into the Dutch cannabis industry joined by friends and entrepreneurs from the industry. They smoke some of today’s most exotic strains and extracts, talk about all things cannabis & hear the stories of newcomers and veterans in the world of weed. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, turn on your notifications and check us out on Spotify as well. This way you don’t miss anything and you are the first to know about new content!

Strain Reviews

What takes us to a higher level? The High Cloud reviews top cannabis strains, hash, concentrates and vape pens from local suppliers and international brands. All items shown have been purchased in a legal environment and consumed responsibly – for your entertainment and education. Discover the best cannabis in the Netherlands and beyond, in the Strain Reviews on!

Uncle’s Advice

Which type of weed is best to choose for a certain effect, what is a good vaporizer, how do you start dabbing? Just some questions that Uncle Kush finds in his DM, from beginners and people with a specific search question. Since we all started as ‘newbies’, Uncle Kush likes to help these people get started. To learn to consume and appreciate cannabis better; and take a first step towards being a true cannabis expert!

THC Shop

In the THC Shop you will find items related to The High Cloud podcast and its sponsors. For example, you will find cool T-Shirts and Sweaters with the THC logo on the chest. The shop is currently being developed and more cool items will be offered in the future.