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Uncle is in Barcelona with Mascotte for the biggest cannabis expo in Europe: Spannabis 2024! But a day before that party starts, he is a guest at social club DOJA BCN, where he gets the latest drops from this powerhouse in the c4nna game. Including: Gelonade, Pina Colato & Biscotti Helium; and he also fixed a dope giveaway for you! Then he chills with glass artist Smurf at Mara’s OG St0nersesh. After which Uncle Kush judges Uncle St0ner’s “Squash Off” at the new Sensi Social Club. Now check out this chaotic and entertaining first day of the highest weekend of the year!

THC @ Spannabis 2024

Spannabis is one of (if not THE) largest cannabis fairs in Europe. So Uncle will be there (like last year) to join Mascotte in showing you “what’s good” in Barcelona around the fair. Because besides a big expo on Friday, Saturday & Sunday; there are countless dope events going on in the city around this weekend. Hence, Uncle Kush landed on Thursday and drove straight through to the new DOJA BCN Social Club. There he checks out the crazy fresh drop Doja flower, and arranges a cool giveaway for the attentive follower.

Then it’s on to an OG St0nersesh where we chill and chat with glass artist Smurf Glass Art. We smoke a couple of fat ones and talk about his recent artwork: “Finding Nemo. He can’t stick around for too long, unfortunately, however, as Uncle Kush is already expected to be a judge on UncleStoner’s “SquashOff”. During this cup, dried cannabis buds are judged, then pressed into rosin and judged again. And you know, with Kush there, it’s always an entertaining experience 😂

DAY 1 of Uncle Kush Goes SPANNABIS 2024 premieres on 5/4/2024 at 16:20

the high cloud uncle kush goes spannabis day 1 doja social club mascotte


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0:00 Intro
0:45 Doja BCN Social Club
2:30 Like a kid in the Kush store
4:05 US brands in EU market
5:35 DOJA BCN Giveaway
6:08 Smurf Glass Art piece ‘finding NEMO’
7:15 Manic Mara & the OG St0ner Sesh
8:20 Just what I need
9:01 Cervecita papacito
10:00 Dry mouth
12:22 Squash Off Judging
13:33 Dabbing everyone the mother
14:10 Uncle VS Uncle Awards
15:43 Outro

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