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In partnership with Mascotte, Uncle is at Europe’s largest cannabis fair, Spannabis. There, as every year, he has adventures with “the traveling circus.” Besides all the fun and craziness, Uncle also takes you on a quest for innovative products. To end fair day one on a good note, there will be a scandalous dinner, another drink and a nightcapin preparation for Day 2 of Spannabis 2024.

Day 2 THC @ Spannabis 2024

After a cool first day in Barcelona, day one of Spannabis 2024 has finally arrived. In partnership with Mascotte, Uncle is present at this largest cannabis fair in Europe. But before he can really explore the fair, he runs into one cannabis enthusiast after another. This, of course, causes delays. But that should not spoil the fun. Because the atmosphere is nice and the sunshine is doing Oompie good too.

Eventually he does manage to find his way in, and there Uncle has some adventures. For example, he believes he spots Jeffrey Dahmer and occasionally loses his pack. Also, he wants nothing more than to score a green Puffco Proxy and, to make matters worse, he starts singing. Besides all the fun and craziness, Uncle is also looking for innovative products. Of course he will take you on his quest! Meanwhile, we see many friends from the show, including Jack Giman, Onnick from Greenmeister and Kingsize. And the men discover the craziest joint in all of Spannabis!

To end fair day one on a high note, a scandalous dinner and a small drink will be served… Oh, and of course the guys smoked a nightcap in preparation for Day 2 of the fair (next video is 19-4 online).

Check out now the first day of THC @ Spannabis 2024 with Uncle Kush:


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0:00 Intro
0:53 Social walk and talk
3:02 “don’t get to my intro!”
3:47 Finally, in!
4:09 Jeffrey Dahmer?
4:22 Woof, woof…. Grrrrrrr Bulldog
4:37 Holland Heights
6:05 Mills pays the bills
7:45 Pizza! @franelmetralletas
8:26 That lady’s hat
8:55 The trimming drum
9:41 RipTip
10:30 Kingsize in the house!
11:47 Turning for a moment
12:27 Craziest J0nko from Sp4nnabis
13:49 Oompie Iglesias
14:22 Small junk big junk
15:01 I don’t trust in violence
16:41 Gang of misery is complete again
17:47 Fasting is also not r0ken
18:11 Where is my pack?
19:18 Suppose you only have one arm, still handy.
22:05 At the table…. time for a drink
22:43 Outro

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